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Wholesale Women Heels

Heels are a big favorite among women for years and their appeal is only growing.

This is because heels are stylish, add height, and are a go-to for work and formal events.

In 2023, the global high heels market stands at $39,586 million, with projections indicating a rise to $42,700 million in 2024.

A survey by the American Podiatric Medical Association revealed that of 503 women, 72% of them wear high-heeled shoes.

This means a lot of heels are being bought.

For retailers and wholesalers, this is a big chance to make money. But to perform well, you should stock up on trendy heels like:

Platform Heels

They are back in fashion because they look good and are comfy to walk in.

Many celebrities and influencers have been spotted wearing platform heels, making them popular.

Versace, Prada, and Revolve are famous for their platform heels collection.

Now, wondering how good these heels are in terms of profit? Since they’re popular and usually priced higher than regular heels, they can potentially bring in more profit with each pair sold.

Barbie Heels

The Barbiecore trend has been gaining traction since the release of the Barbie movie. It changed the way people did their makeup, styled their hair, chose their clothes, and of course, their heels.

This trend is blowing up on TikTok and Instagram with lots of ‘Barbie dress up’ reels, making more people want Barbie-foot heels.

To cater to this demand, many brands have added Barbie heels to their lineup.

For example, Aldo, a popular shoe and accessories brand, has launched their Barbie heels collection and it’s selling really well.

Clear Heels

The demand for clear heels is growing because they look elegant and go well with any outfit.

Here’s the kicker: The number of clear heels available for sale in the retail stores had gone up by 51% in May 2023.

And that’s a lot more than usual. Typically, when something gets trendy, stores only bring in 2% to 8% more of that item.

This means clear heels are being liked by many shoppers both online and in-stores. So, having their variety in your store could draw in more customers.

Weird-Shaped Heels

Weird-shaped heels have become one of the hottest trends for being cool, classy, and unique. Adding these heels to your retail shelves can result in significant profits.

Here are some examples:

  • Sophia Webster — Butterfly heels
  • YSH — ‘YSL’ designed on heels
  • Amina Maudi — Fluted heels
  • Dolce & Gabbana — D-shaped heels

Tip: Heels attract all kinds of buyers – from luxury seekers to those searching for budget-friendly options. So, depending on your business size, budget, and the customers in your area, you can choose to sell high-end heels, affordable ones, or both.

Now let’s look at what makes people buy.

What Matters Most to Americans When Buying Heels?

When stocking heels, consider the range in terms of price, style, and comfort to cater to the needs of different customers.

Why? Because these are the factors that influence purchase decisions when they browse collection at any retail store. 

Let’s discuss each.

Comfort & durability

Nobody wants sore feet. Cushioned insoles and good fit are key. Also, quality material and solid construction are vital. 

No one likes heels that fall apart or have poor finishes like visible glue marks or loose threads.


Heels come in different styles for different needs or occasions. For example:

  • Block heels are comfy for casual days out.
  • Stilettos are sharp and formal, great for fancy events.
  • Wedge heels and slingbacks are comfy and stylish, good for many occasions.
  • Heeled mules are easy to slip on and off.

Each style offers a unique look, so there’s something for everyone, no matter the event.


People look for heels that offer good value for money. Many are drawn to sales and discounts. 

But some are happy to pay more for popular brands like Steve Madden because they trust them for quality.

Takeaway for retailers: Keep up with the trends and buy wholesale women heels in various colors, styles, shapes, heights, sizes, and price points.