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Wholesale Jewelry Boxes and Organizers

Jewelry boxes and organizers have become more popular since 2019 when Marie Kondo's reality show about “tidying up” went live on Netflix.

This trend led to a 52% increase in online searches and more than a 25% increase in sales for these products.

Why You Should Care?

Growing Demand: As more people buy jewelry, they also need a place to store and care for it. This need is keeping the demand for jewelry boxes and organizers strong year after year.

So, as a retailer, you can benefit from this increasing popularity by selling these items in your store. There’s a lot of money to be made in this segment!

And as a jeweler, you can get these boxes at lower prices in bulk to either use for displaying your jewelry or sell them as separate products.

What to Do

Look at Trends: Find out which types of boxes and organizers are popular now.

Are customers preferring minimalist designs such as trays with lids, antique-style wooden boxes with velvet lining, or more practical options like organizers with multiple compartments?

Stock Up: Have them in a range of sizes, materials, and styles. Also, you can consider specialized boxes for each jewelry type like compact ring boxes, long necklace cases, boxes just for watches, etc.

Trending Products 

Hanging Organizers: Perfect for customers who are low on their dresser space. They allow jewelry to be displayed on walls or in closets.

Travel-Friendly Mini Organizers: Small and compact, these are great for customers who travel often. They keep jewelry safe and organized while on the move.

Acrylic Organizers with Drawers: Clear and modern, these organizers let customers easily see all their pieces. They're stylish and fit well in contemporary settings.

Luxurious Boxes: They’ve got a premium feel and appeal to Gen Z and millennials the most.

Vintage Wooden Boxes: Perfect for those who love a classic, antique look.

Jewelry Organizer Trays: Ideal for the minimalist shopper. These trays are sleek and help keep countertops clutter-free.

Don’t Miss Out On December: It’s the Peak Time for Sales

Data from Statista shows that jewelry sales in this one month are much higher than in other months. 

Google Trends also indicates that during the same month, more people search online for jewelry boxes.

This happens because of the Holiday season. Many people buy jewelry and nice boxes as gifts for their loved ones.

So, it’s smart to have more in stock for December when more people are shopping for these items