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Women's Ponchos

Women really love shopping for clothes!

Revenue from women's clothing stores consistently increased at a CAGR of 1.5% between 2018-2023. It reached $67.4 billion due to an impressive rise of 2.6% in 2023 alone, which clearly indicates a flourishing clothing market.

In this diverse women's clothing industry with various outfit types, ponchos have become a mainstream fashion trend.

This popularity is due to the aesthetic appeal and unique style offered by ponchos.

For retailers, this is a big money-making opportunity!

You just showcase these ponchos in your retail store, and people are more likely to come and buy them.

And wholesalers, the ponchos business is profitable for you as well as retailers are looking for reliable suppliers to buy in bulk for their stores.

But, whether you're a wholesaler or retailer, you should be well aware of the trendy poncho types to perform well in the market.

Women's Poncho Trends

Crochet Ponchos

If you operate a women's clothing store and crochet ponchos aren't in your inventory, you're losing revenue.

That's because crochet ponchos are trendy among girls as they help them look effortlessly stylish and work as a layering outfit for many tops or bras.

These crochet ponchos come in various designs such as:

  • Rectangular ponchos
  • Hooded ponchos
  • Turtleneck ponchos
  • Cowl neck ponchos

Dress Ponchos

Dress ponchos are a top pick of customers, especially in recent years when comfort is a top priority for most fashion icons.

These ponchos aren't used for layering; instead, they are worn as a complete upper-body outfit (sometimes to the knees).

Women prefer these for being loose-fit comfy attire that looks effortlessly stylish.

So, having dress ponchos can boost the profit of your retail clothing business.

Poncho Coats or Capes

Poncho coats and capes are trending in 2024!

Women love to wear this outerwear to look really stylish and keep them warm in the winter season.

So, you can attract a lot of customers to your store by showcasing these capes and coats, and they'll be more likely to make purchases.

Rain Ponchos

As outdoor enthusiasts (particularly hikers and campers) are looking for rain ponchos, their demand has skyrocketed.

Women frequently wear them to keep them dry in heavy rain. Plus, they are lightweight & compact, making them a must-have in a travel bag.

So, retailers or wholesalers who are looking to boost profits should consider adding rain ponchos to their inventory.

Now, let's look at some factors influencing customers' purchases.

Factors That Influence Americans While Buying Ponchos

High Quality

Stocking high-quality ponchos is essential to gaining customer trust and encouraging them to make repeat purchases.

To assess quality, ask for a sample from the supplier. In the provided sample, look for durable fabric, perfect stitching, and plain seams.

And now, with more people concerned about the environmental impact of their purchases, eco-friendly ponchos (made of organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, etc.) are preferred.

Range & Fit

Customers select poncho styles based on the occasion or personal preference, making it essential to stock a range of ponchos.

For instance, crochet ponchos are favored as casual wear as they are minimal and comfy. Dress ponchos are preferred for a sleek and elegant look for formal events like parties.

Also, a retailer should stock ponchos with different designs (boho, floral, etc.) and sizes (S, M, L, XL).

This will ensure that you have something for all customers with different tastes and body shapes.


Most customers are looking for good quality ponchos at affordable prices. They're drawn to discounts and sales, especially those trying to save costs.

But some are happy to pay more for designer clothing as they trust them for quality.

So, as a retailer, you should define the target audience first and then stock accordingly.

After considering the above factors, now let's discuss some resources for bulk purchases of ponchos. These are:

  • Online wholesale marketplaces
  • Online wholesale directories

These marketplaces/directories list multiple suppliers (from various industries) with their contact information.

You can find the poncho wholesalers, connect with them, and choose the one that suits your business needs best.