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Wholesale Women’s Tote Bags

Tote bags have been popular among women of all ages. This is because they’re a:

  • Trendy fashion accessory that never goes out of style.
  • Sustainable alternative to plastic handbags (which are banned in many US states).
  • Versatile item that can be used for office, shopping, beach outings, picnics, & more

Due to these characteristics, tote bags had a market value of $713.6 million in 2022. It is projected to rise to $1097.7 million by 2032. 

That's a big increase, showing a strong market with growing interest.

So, if you’re a retail or wholesale business owner thinking about how profitable these tote bags can be, consider this: They dominated the handbag market in 2022 with the largest share of 41.13% .

This means stocking them is a great money-making opportunity!

But know that today totes are not just for carrying groceries; now they come in different materials, sizes, prints, and styles.

So, when considering tote bags for your inventory, it’s important to understand different types to cater to diverse customer preferences.

Types Of Tote Bags

Based on Material

  • Canvas Totes: These tote bags are typically made from heavy-duty canvas that is durable, sturdy, and lightweight. Moreover, these tote bags are washable and last for a longer period. They’re not just great for everyday use, but also a top pick for custom printing.
  • Nylon Totes: These bags are washable, durable, and slightly elastic. Plus, being water-resistant, they are good for use in wet conditions or storing items that need to stay dry.
  • Jute Totes: For customers who prefer a natural, jute bags are a perfect match. They’re known for their strength, & durability, and eco-friendliness.
  • Cotton Totes: Washable & sturdy, cotton tote bags are popularly used as a replacement for single-use plastic bags.
  • Leather Totes: They’re premium and stylish, perfect for professional settings like offices, business trips, etc.

However, considering the growing demand for sustainable products, there’s a shift towards vegan leather totes – the ones made from plant-based material or vinyl.

Based on Style

  1. Flat Tote bags: These tote bags are sleek without any gusset (extra piece of fabric) on the bottom or the sides. They are perfect as promotional or gift bags.
  2. Crossbody Tote Bags: Having a long, adjustable strap, these bags can be worn comfortably across the body.
  3. Convertible Tote Bags: These are dual-style bags that can be carried as both a shoulder bag and a backpack

Based on Pattern/Design

  1. Printed: Literary quotes, floral, geometric, abstract, animal print, or more
  2. Textured: Embossed pattern, woven texture, or any other
  3. Mono-toned: Solid colored in bold hues or neutral tones

Now, let’s discuss some factors businesses should consider while buying tote bags of any style or material in bulk.

Wholesale Women’s Tote Bags: Buying Considerations

To make your bag business profitable and minimize potential returns, you should:

Look For Quality

Quality matters because it reflects on your business. High-quality tote bags exude elegance and withstand heavy loads.

So, before you purchase large quantities from the supplier, request a sample to make sure the:

  • Stitching is solid or reinforced for bearing weight without tearing
  • Handles are securely attached to the bag and are comfortable to hold too
  • Seams are neat without any raw edges or loose threads
  • Color or the design is visually appealing

Consider Size and Capacity

Tote bags come in various sizes – from mini-totes ideal for small items to small and medium-sized bags perfect for everyday use and large to oversized options great for shopping trips.

Whatever size you plan to have, always check the exact dimensions with your supplier.

Pictures can be misleading, and a bag might be smaller or bigger than it looks in a photo.

To be sure, confirm the size when you look at a sample. This way, you can make sure you're getting the right sizes for your customers' needs.

Now that you’re familiar with what makes a great tote bag, let's explore another area to grow your profits.

Growth Opportunity: Stocking Blank Tote Bags for Printing Businesses

Tote bags aren’t just a great product for apparel and accessories retail stores. They are also in high demand among businesses that specialize in custom printing.

These businesses don’t require pre-printed totes; rather they need blank totes for printing their unique designs, logos, or texts.

So, if you’re a wholesaler, you can tap into this lucrative market by stocking blanks in a range of materials (cotton, canvas, etc.) and styles.

But don’t just stick to the usual white or off-white bags. Add black and other colors to your collection too. Why?

These colors can help make the custom designs really pop, which can attract more customers for both the printing businesses and you.