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Styling starts at a very young age and it never ends. The growing industry of children's jewelry demonstrates that effect.

For smaller kids, most parents tend to buy cute and adorable simple pieces of jewelry. However, after the age of 5 children show great interest in jewelry. That’s why jewelry is considered to be a pleasing gift for children, especially for girls.

Though children's jewelry has a smaller share in sales as compared to adults, wholesalers can do good business by maintaining a wide variety of appealing and cute collections of children's jewelry.

Some Hot Selling Categories in Children’s Jewelry

Like adults, children's jewelry carries almost every kind of jewelry piece. But there is more demand for simple pieces that are easy to wear for the kids. While gathering the children's stock, keep the following items on a priority basis.

Necklaces and Pendants

Necklaces and pendants are one of the most selling items for children.  Other than floral patterns, cartoons, and best heroes' pictures are used in them to attack the kids. Moreover, these are available with plastic and fabric materials to increase the comfort level.


Rings are another top-selling in children's jewelry. Smaller pieces of jewelry with amazing patterns, followers, or beads look so adorable in kids' hands. Kids love to wear charming colors, with simple and comfortable designs.

Wholesale Children's Jewelry Selling vendors

B & S Jewelry

B & S Jewelry is an expert dealer in extravagant silver jewelry. They have been serving the wholesale industry since 1990. They are proud to serve their customers with the best quality at competitive prices. They carry a wide collection of jewelry for both men and women. In addition to this, they are also dealing in children's jewelry. You can explore B & S Jewelry collections on screen and enjoy wonderful discount ranges.

United Pacific Designs

United Pacific Designs is basically a supplier of several kinds, but an adorable and cute collection of their children's jewelry is the main reason to mention it here. United Pacific designs main concentration is to provide retailers with a quality, innovative, and well-designed product range.  Check United Pacific Designs’ collection of children's Jewry with a single click here.