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Classic Online Wholesale Vintage Clothes

The vintage clothing business section has earned a good share due to the huge demand for classic, rustic and affordable pieces. Retailers of vintage clothing can cash this trend by providing the stylish and best vintage clothing stock to their customers.

SeeBiz has created a vintage clothes category to serve the retailers, resellers involved in the vintage industry.

We have a number of vendors and suppliers that are serving such customers with different categories of vintage clothing.

SeeBiz makes it very easy to explore the wholesale vintage industry online with several vendor options.

Why Buy Online Wholesale Vintage Clothes?

Many retailers and wholesalers have this confusing question in their minds. We have some genuine reasons that will confirm how online wholesale vintage clothing buying is best for the business.

. Easy to Find Versatility in Styles Online

It is a really hard job to find the vintage styles in local markets but it is easier online to find the exact required style of vintage clothing. The availability of several vendors online makes it easy for the buyers to browse through their desired products. They can switch from one buyer to another without facing so much hassle.

. Save Energy

Online buying is a time-saving and money-saving option for customers. The buyer does not have to visit the faraway markets to find the desired products. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the vendors to deliver the stock at the door of customers, for which a delivery fee is charged that is usually reasonable. So, the customers can save energy by avoiding all these steps of buying.

Some of the Vendors at SeeBiz have a Great variety of Vintage Clothing

Finding vintage clothing is not an easy task but SeeBiz has some best vendors that provide quality stock that actually meets the demand of the market.

. Bykowski Tailor & Garb

Bykowski Tailor & Grab is a suitable option for men with excellent classic clothing designs in a versatile range. The rustic design in casual wear will raise your business sales. They carry a complete range of clothing, footwear, and accessories but their men’s clothing variety is the main center of attention.

They started their business in 2009 and now have a long list of satisfied customers. SeeBiz is an easy way to get their huge range of vintage clothing items.


KBETHOS is a vintage supplier of wholesale caps at SeeBiz. As the vintage caps are highly in demand due to their classic and attractive design, retailers can add it to their stock with the help of KBETHOS.

In this way,  the retailer or reseller can earn a good profit margin. They provide quick delivery within just 1-2 days. Moreover, the lowest limit of minimum order of $ 100 is the best thing for the buyer who wants to go for a few vintage caps.

Major categories for Vintage Clothing

Vintage Clothing category is segregated into portions that create an ease for the buyer to select the required stock.

. Children Vintage Clothing

There is a huge volume of customers that admire the pretty and adorable vintage clothing pieces for their kids. Retailers can do business by fulfilling their needs.

From warm cozy frocks to attractive styles of outerwear, SeeBiz vendors provide enough variety in children’s vintage clothing.

. Men Vintage Clothing

Vintage clothing is always the center of attraction for men. Although the styles and fashion designs have revived over a period. But some have a great attraction to specific vintage clothing of the era.

For example, the fascinating styles of the decade of 1900- 1910. Our vendors try their best to provide each and every style of men’s vintage clothing.

. Women Vintage Clothing

Women’s vintage clothing categories are the most exciting and versatile category on SeeBiz. This category has more variety in dresses, gowns, shirts, skirts, jeans, etc. for women.

These items give an extraordinary look to women. So, retailers have a convenient option to display these articles in their shops.

. Vintage Accessories

Except for the dresses, vintage accessories are more identical to a specific time and fashion style. Our vendors carry a massive variety of vintage accessories like caps, hats, glasses, bags, etc.

These accessories really help the retailers to attract the customers of vintage accessories.

. Men Vintage Shoes

Men Vintage shoes are another attractive category for men. Every decade has special identical men’s shoes with features.

From the long oxford boots of the 1900s to work shoes of the 1970's, a variety of styles got popular. Our vendors have all these in their stock that fulfills the vintage clothing desires of men.

. Women Vintage Shoes

Women’s vintage shoes are another category that includes the different styles in shoes that were famous in a specific era.

Women demand specific styles of shoes that complement their vintage dressing. Retailers prepare themselves to serve such customers with a versatile range of vintage shoe collections at SeeBiz.

How SeeBiz Serve in Better Way than Other Options

SeeBiz provides several friendly options to the buyer and makes the buying process so comfortable and easy due to the following reasons:

. Wide Range of Vintage Clothing with Proper Segregation

SeeBiz has a wide range of vintage clothing that is classified into several options. In each category, several products are available. Buyers can send direct messages to suppliers to find the right stock.

. Flexible Order Size

Most of the time fixed order quality creates a problem, especially for the small business. Due to the availability of several vendors, SeeBiz has solved this issue. If a vendor doesn't allow the low quantity of vintage clothing to be ordered, the buyer can go for another vendor.

. Several Suppliers are Accessible Through One Platform

SeeBiz has gathered a number of vintage clothing vendors on a single platform. The buyer can contact more than one vendor to avail of the most reasonable deal for the vintage products.

. Assist to Build Strong Business Relation for Further Dealings

SeeBiz provides you the opportunity to develop strong business relations with vendors and suppliers. Buyers can maintain links with vendors who value them and contact them whenever they need pets’ supplies.

In this way, vendors provide more discounts and quality items.

If you are a buyer or vendor, just make your account at SeeBiz without spending money. Experience these features yourself and then compare them with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1: What kind of information is needed to sign up SeeBiz?

Ans: For the sign up, very common and essential information is needed such as name, email address and set a password according to instruction. You can create an account there in a few seconds.

Q.2: How can I know about the new vintage supplies of a vendor?

Ans: To remain connected to vendors follow them and send an invitation. In this way, you can see their complete range of vintage clothing.

Q.3: How can I see the wholesale prices for the vintage clothes?

Ans: For most of the product’s, prices are mentioned below them but to have detailed information, a buyer needs to make a free buyer account at SeeBiz.

Q.4: What would I do if I received fewer pieces in vintage clothing order?

Ans: In such cases you need to complain to the relevant vendor immediately with all details of order and delivery. Our vendors will collect your complaint number and solve your issue as early as possible.