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Wholesale Makeup Bags and Cases

With makeup becoming an essential part of life, bags and cases that store and keep makeup sorted are gaining popularity.

Additionally, consumers are embracing fast-paced lifestyles, so they prefer compact, easy-to-carry, and portable makeup bags.

An increasing number of makeup professionals, artists, and beauty enthusiasts are contributing to the demand for makeup bags and cases.

What does this mean for retailers?

Simply put, it's time to capitalize on makeup bags and cases.


To cater to a broad audience: With bags and cases, makeup retailers can target a broad audience, including everyday users, makeup enthusiasts, and professionals.

To improve the portfolio: The versatility of makeup bags and cases can enhance the product catalog of makeup retailers, making it appealing to a broad customer base.

How to do that?

Focus on Trends

Determine customers’ preferences, including materials (crochet, faux fur, velvet, etc.) and styles (drawstring, pouch, hanging, etc.).

To do that, focus on social media trends and use tools like Google Trends. By stocking up on hot-selling products, retailers can increase their product worth and sales volume.

Stock Up Right on Time

Data from Google Trends shows that sales of makeup bags are higher during November and December than in other months.

This happens because of holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. People prefer to gift makeup bags and cases to makeup lovers.

Winter vacations may be another significant cause of this sales spike. People love to travel during winter vacations, so they need bags and cases to carry makeup items safely.

Thus, stocking up right before these months enables retailers to cater to the high market demand for makeup bags and cases.

As a retail business, if you are planning to source makeup bags and cases, one question may come to your mind:

What to Stock Up?

The diverse types of wholesale makeup bags and cases can cater to the varied preferences and requirements of consumers, makeup artists, and beauty professionals. Retail businesses should know and stock up with a diverse product range to appeal to customers with various requirements. Consider the below products for your catalog:

Travel Makeup Bags

Compact and portable design, perfect for traveling professionals and individuals. Their lightweight and durable design allows the safe transfer of makeup essentials while traveling.

Organizer Cases

Perfect for artists who need quick access to a wide range of makeup items. Organizer cases feature multiple compartments, dividers, and trays to organize makeup products neatly.

Train Cases

Ideal for artists and professionals who need to transport a significant amount of makeup for events and occasions. Train cases are large boxes with multiple compartments, sections, and trays. They often come with a top handle to allow users to drag easily.

Roll-Up Bags

Suitable for travelers who need a moderate amount of makeup. They are handy and compact, offering space-saving options.

Clutch-Style Makeup Bags

Suitable for carrying a minimal amount of makeup. These are often chosen for specific occasions, often night events, when only limited makeup items are required.

Tech-Integrated Cases

Suitable for all, from beginners to professionals. With LED mirrors, charging ports, and adjustable compartments, tech-integrated cases cater to the needs of tech-savvy customers.

Professional Makeup Bags

Perfect for professional artists for practical use. These are larger with customizable compartments to accommodate a wide variety of makeup products, accessories, and tools.

Transparent Makeup Bags

Security rules at airports and events have contributed to the popularity of clear makeup bags. These allow easy visibility of items inside, making them a practical choice for travelers.

By adding these styles and designs to your catalog, you can target a broad audience, increase your customer base, and grow your sales volume.