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Wholesale Salon and Spa Equipment

As of this report in 2021, 68% of males visit the salon at least once a month, whereas 54% of females visit the salon at least every 6-8 weeks.

When it comes to spas, the number of visitors has risen to 181 million after the pandemic (COVID-19) downfall as clients were deprived of physical touch at that time.

These stats can easily entice someone who wants to start or grow his salon and spa business.

This comes down to buying salon and spa equipment that can help serve customers to generate revenue.

As a salon and spa business owner, it is a strategic move to buy bulk equipment at wholesale as it costs approximately half of the retail price.

Also, a retailer can earn a large amount of revenue by stocking up on salon and spa equipment.

But, you have to consider the types of equipment that you’re going to launch in your salon and spa or intend to sell at your retail outlet.

Essential Equipment of Salon and Spa Services

Salon Chairs

Salon chairs are a must for hair cutting, styling, trimming, shaving, facials, manicures, pedicures, threadings, etc.

Also, these are required in the waiting rooms and at the counter for booking services.

This makes it evident that buying salon chairs in bulk is the first step in starting a salon or spa business.

Generally, there are many kinds of chairs used in salons and spas, but hydraulic chairs are the most popular and account for 36.4% of the global salon chair market share.

This adoption of hydraulic chairs is due to the convenience and ease offered by them to the stylist and customers.

So, a retailer can also boost sales and get high cash returns by capitalizing on hydraulic chairs.

Hair styling tools

In the USA, almost a quarter (24%) of women spend more than $100 in hair salons. To provide hair styling services to your customers, you need to buy all types of hair styling tools such as:

Hair straightener Hair dryers Curling rods Combs and brushes Scissors

Also, many people don’t go to the salon as they can style their hair at home. They buy hair styling equipment from markets which seems to be a lucrative opportunity for retailers.

Facial machines

To run your salon and spa efficiently, you need to introduce facial equipment such as:

Facial steamer Facial vaporizer Hydra facial machine Ice roller Ultrasonic skin scrubber Skin scanner

These machines cleanse and hydrate the skin and are most frequently used in salons.

Massage tools

The massage equipment market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.76% by 2022-2028.

This indicates a high demand for these tools in spas for providing massage services that play a major role in calming and relaxing customers. These tools include massage tables, chairs, beds, guns, sticks, etc.

Also, if you’re a retailer, you can capitalize on massage tools to boost the sales of your business.

Touchless Tech Equipment Shake-Up Spa Industry

In the post-COVID world, a lot of people are hesitant about the direct touch offered by traditional spa treatments.

For this reason, spa businesses must look for socially distance-friendly and touch-free options to provide spa services.

Here are 3 touchless tech equipment taking over the spa business:

  1. Iyashi Dôme is a sauna device in which people bury themselves in hot sand to induce sweating to release toxins. This device uses infrared radiation to raise body temperature which in turn improves sleep and fights skin aging.
  2. Gharieni Cellis provides a 100% touchless experience. It targets cellulite, enhances the silhouette, and aids in weight loss.
  3. Vessel Sensync offers a virtual reality (VR) experience that delivers stereotypic visuals, audio input, and wind & temperature effects. It is aimed at displacing guests from mental burdens and allows for uninterrupted cognitive restoration.

How to Choose the Best Salon and Spa Equipment?

Whether you’re a salon or spa business owner, choosing the right equipment can enhance your services and improve your clients’ experience.

Here is what you should consider while buying salon & spa equipment in bulk.

Safety and Reliability

All equipment must be of high quality, functional, and safe to use for both the worker/user and the client. This increases customer loyalty, so they’re more likely to buy again from your business.


Sustainability is not just a social trend, instead, it is a responsible attitude toward the environment.

You should look for eco-friendly equipment made of renewable resources to cater to eco-conscious customers and minimize your carbon footprint.