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The nail polish market has an evergreen demand as women love to wear it every day and everywhere.

And not only women but men and children also use nail paints for a fun and trendy appearance.

Research shows that the nail polish market was valued at USD 11.07 billion in 2022. So, if you’re a cosmetic shop or beauty salon owner, the nail polish market is a lucrative opportunity to tap into.

Also, capitalizing on the nail polish market can help you grow your business due to its:

Growing Market

The nail polish market is fueling due to increasing:

  • Awareness about self-grooming
  • Social media influence
  • Women's employment rate

A retailer or wholesaler can earn large profits and grow their business as the nail polish market is projected to reach $27.99 billion during the forecast period of 2023-2030.

Aesthetic Appeal

In recent years, the nail art trend has been rising worldwide. People (especially girls) want to wear different types of nail art depending on their color and design preferences, which look highly attractive.

For this reason, customers and beauty salon owners buy various nail polishes and nail tools to meet customer demands, leading to high sales revenue.

Extensive Choice of Colors and Types

Generally, there is a large variety of nail polish segments in various:

  • Colors: Neutral, nude, and funky (almost in every possible color)
  • Types: Matte, glitter, chrome, gel, French manicure, etc.

This extensive choice in nail polishes makes it easy for customers to choose the product according to their needs and preferences, hence increasing the chances of sales.

Now, let’s talk about some techniques that can further improve sales revenue.

How To Boost The Sales Of Nail Polish Business?

1. Stock on Branded Nail Polishes

If you’re a wholesaler or retailer, stocking branded nail polishes can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers prefer branded nail polish due to its high quality, smooth finish, and safety compared to local ones.

Some of the most popular nail polish brands are:

  • L'Oréal S.A.
  • Chanel S.A.
  • Christian Dior SE
  • Deborah Lippmann
  • Chanel Le Vernis
  • Olive & June

2. Prioritize Sustainability

Consumers have now become aware of the harmful chemicals used in some nail polishes that can cause skin irritation, allergic reactions, and respiratory and reproductive problems.

So, they are looking for safer alternatives that do not cause harm to their nails or any other part of their body.

This seems to be a great opportunity for retailers and wholesalers to increase sales revenue by offering non-toxic, eco-friendly, and vegan nail polish to customers.

3. Create Nail Art Kits

A retailer or wholesaler can make the most out of their nail polish business by considering kitting techniques.

This technique involves combining complementary nail art items as a bundle that promotes cross-selling to generate a significant profit margin.

For instance, a kit may contain related items such as LED lamps, 2-3 nail polishes, both top and base coats, a dotting tool, a filer, and a buffer.

Also, there are numerous types of nail art kits depending on the type of nail art required.

Customers prefer to buy them as:

  • They can get all the required nail art products at once without the hassle of buying them separately.
  • These are not only used in salons but customers can do nail art at home.

4. Implement Effective Marketing Tactics

Here are some marketing tactics that can help you promote and increase the sales of your business:

Create an Online Store

You can create an online store to make your products visible to a global audience. Also, you can take orders from customers 24/7, even if you’re asleep, which leads to high sales revenue for your nail polish business.

Consider Social Media Marketing

You can post compelling images, videos, and the latest information about your product on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram, where most of your target audience lies. It increases your brand recognition and sales.

Execute Influencer Marketing

It is a type of social media marketing in which you can collaborate with beauty influencers to promote your nail polishes. It increases brand visibility and sales because people trust these influencers and prefer to buy their recommended products.

Offer Discounts

Offering discounts increases customer loyalty and they’re more likely to make repeat purchases. For instance, you can offer 2 free nail paints if a customer buys a package of 10 nail paints.

Also, you can offer a reward loyalty program to those customers who make frequent purchases.