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Fragrances are a basic need for every person. It's something most people don't dare to step out of their homes without. The perfume industry has grown on an enormous scale, and perfume creation is now considered an art.

Everything from packaging down to the ingredients is taken into careful consideration. So, it's no surprise that many people would pay hundreds of dollars for just a measly 50ML bottle of perfume.

But there isn't a single perfume for every occasion. Some perfumes are meant for black tie events, and some are known for clubbing. Each has a distinct characteristic that makes them appealing to the masses. So yes, people end up buying upwards of 5-10 designer perfumes on average.

Now that you know how profitable and huge the perfume industry is, let's get into the benefits of buying wholesale fragrances.

Buying wholesale perfumes is a great thing considering their near-forever shelf life. This means you can store them for years without worrying about spoiling them.

There are several benefits to buying wholesale perfumes in bulk. Let's go through them one by one down below:

Saving Money on Fragrances

One of the main advantages of buying wholesale fragrances is the cost savings on bulk orders. Perfumes are really expensive products, but you can get them at discounted rates from wholesalers.

The larger your purchases get, the further discounts and price cut your order will receive. Even if the product page isn't showing discounts, contact the vendor directly, and negotiating terms may help you score some additional discounts.

After a little research, you'll be able to scope out the best options among several fragrance suppliers.

Outstanding Shelf Life

Fragrances have an unbelievable shelf life and can sit around for years before their potency is even slightly altered. This is due to the essential oils that increase the perfume's life tenfold.

The perfumes are entirely made out of high-quality essential oils that have the longest shelf life of all. Doesn't matter if you're new to the fragrance business or a veteran, stocking up on fragrances in bulk is always a great idea. Any worry of perfumes getting spoiled, rotten, or perishing is thrown out the window.

However, the shelf life of fragrances depends on the storage conditions. As a precaution, it's best to store your fragrance inventory in a cool and dry place.

Quality Assurance of Fragrances

Another great benefit of buying wholesale fragrances in bulk is the assurance of high quality. When buying perfumes in bulk, you can rest easy knowing the perfumes are of good quality.

Most suppliers and wholesalers have sold them for years and only acquire their products from manufacturers directly. This highly reduces the risk of you buying low-quality fragrances.

Saves Time and Boosts Reputation

Another important aspect of buying wholesale fragrances is the amount of time you get to save. During a normal routine, if a customer requires a perfume that you don't have on hand at the moment, you won't have to turn them away.

In any other scenario, you'd have to place an order again and wait until the new stock arrives to cater to your customers. This can cost you valuable time and customers.

In the wholesale scenario, you order fragrances in bulk. Hence all you'll have to do is fetch the required fragrance(s) from your warehouse and provide it to the customer. This little gesture has a huge impact on your reputation as well and establishes you as a reliable business.

Wholesale Fragrance Suppliers

Max Aroma

Max Aroma, founded in 2010, is a staple of exquisite and designer fragrances in the US. They have made a huge name for themselves supplying authentic perfumes at discounted prices.

They offer a wide variety of fragrances, gift sets, skincare products, and cosmetics. Their fragrances range from budget-friendly options to more exotic offerings. Maxaroma claims to have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on product quality, delivery times, and the lowest prices.

If you are in the perfume business, then Maxaroma is a great option to buy your inventory from.

Advanced Distributors Inc

The legacy of Advanced Distributors Inc. began in 1974 as a substantial name in general merchandise wholesale. Since then, they have made a mark on the industry due to their strict quality control and efforts to maintain product standards.

Advanced Distributors, Inc. offers an extensive range of wholesale household items, health and beauty products, electronic accessories, fragrances, and event supplies, etc. They promise to deliver unmatched quality at amazing prices. Due to their continuous hard work, they've been recognized by notable designers and manufacturers.

With lines of satisfied customers, there’s a high chance you’ll be among them too.

Luxury Perfume

Luxury Perfumes is a well-known wholesale store known for selling some of the best perfumes and colognes. They are a multi-corporate organization that came to be under two companies, Laksilu and Lakmini Inc.

Luxury Perfume has been a pioneer in the fragrance industry since 1987 with some of the biggest store chains across California and Nevada US. They deal in the most exotic, rare, hard-to-find, and classic designer brands in the wholesale industry. Their offerings range in scents for all people e.g., adults, teens, women, children, etc.

With over 9000 items in stock and more latest products being added, it’s safe to say you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. Luxury perfumes offer high-quality wholesale fragrances at unbelievable prices, making them a great option to source your fragrance business stock.

Wholesale Fragrance Categories

Children’s Fragrances

Children have a greater chance of chemical absorption from their skin. This is why children's fragrances need to be free from any chemicals or toxins. Suppliers offer an exciting range of children's fragrance collections based on famous cartoon characters like Moana, Tinkerbell, and Avengers. Now even if they play for hours and start to sweat, a few puffs of fragrance will freshen them up.

Men’s Fragrances

A perfume is a scented signature of a man. Men often like to keep more than one fragrance at hand. This variety gives them the versatility to wear any one of the scents on different occasions. With hundreds of brands to choose from, you can get what you require for your business.

Women’s Fragrances

A woman's fragrance is an enchantment she casts upon the world. From her looks to her attire, it’s not complete without great-quality perfume. Whether you like to stock up on famous designer fragrances or like to keep things budget-friendly, you find the best products for your business.

Are these fragrances synthetic or natural?

Ans: It largely depends on the vendor or the budget. Some expensive options are all-natural while some are synthetic. Nowadays, even synthetic fragrances are reaching ever closer to all-natural ones. However, we recommend talking to the vendor about it and clearing any doubts before placing an order.

Can I smell the perfume before buying it?

We recommend asking the vendor for testers. They have small amounts of perfume you can try out once or twice before making a buying decision.

Are perfumes at a discounted price here?

Ans: You’ll find perfumes of all sorts here. The newer ones might not have a huge discount, but you’ll still find them much cheaper wholesale rather than anywhere else. Even though most of the perfumes here are heavily discounted, you may still ask the vendor to provide any additional discounts.