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Wholesale Hair Ties and Styling Accessories

Here’s a great business idea: Consider selling hair ties and styling accessories! This market is growing fast, and here's why it's a good time to jump in:

  • Cool New Designs and Quality: Evolving product designs and quality continually encourage individuals to experiment with new ties and styling accessories, all without compromising hair health.
  • Social Media Buzz: Lots of people watch hair styling videos and makeovers on social media. These videos encourage people to buy new hair accessories to try the styles they see.
  • Something for Everyone: Having a bunch of different kinds of hair accessories means you can attract more customers. The more choices you offer, the more money you can make.
  • Super Popular: Hair ties are really popular. In the U.S., around 15 million hair ties are sold every day! This popularity presents a promising opportunity for sales in this market.

These factors indicate that selling hair ties and styling accessories can be a lucrative choice for retail businesses.

Interested in getting in on this? Let’s explore how you can make the most of these trends and thrive in the hair accessory market.

Enhancing Your Portfolio with a Diverse Product Range

A diverse product range allows customers to choose items that suit their personalities, hair types, and looks. 

By having a variety of items, you can attract all kinds of customers, from everyday people to professional hair stylists.

Here are some great things to have in your store:

  • Hair Ties: Elastic bands, scrunchies, hair coils
  • Hair Clips: Barrettes, snap clips, claw clips, bobby pins
  • Headbands: Fabric, metal, sports bands
  • Hair Styling Tools: Hair combs, curlers, straighteners
  • Hair Extensions and Wigs: Clip-in extensions, hair wigs
  • Functional Accessories: Hair caps, etc.

By adding these types of products to your shop, you can make sure you've got something for everyone!

Boosting Sales with Trend-Driven Hair Accessories

To make informed sourcing decisions, it's crucial to stay updated with upcoming trends and evergreen products for strategic product planning.

The most sought-after hair tie and accessory products include:

Jeweled Hair Accessories

Enhanced with rhinestones, beads, and pearls, jeweled accessories add sparkle to any hairstyle and outfit. 

These are particularly favored by women for formal events, such as weddings and galas.

Due to their appeal and the willingness of customers to invest in these elegant pieces for special occasions, retail businesses and salons can achieve high-profit margins by offering such accessories.

Claw Clips

The popularity of claw clips continues in 2024. 

They are versatile and suitable for a wide range of hair types and styles, including low ponytails, half updos, messy buns, and reverse ponytails. 

Their varied sizes, shapes, and materials also contribute to their widespread appeal. 

By capitalizing on this popular trend, retail businesses can target broad audiences and potentially boost their sales. 

Similarly, salon owners can benefit from stocking claw clips, as they are versatile tools for managing a variety of hair styles and hair types with ease.

Athleisure-inspired Headbands

As the athleisure trend continues, moisture-wicking and temperature-measuring functional headbands are gaining more acceptance. 

These are especially popular among audiences involved in sports and physical activities. 

By sourcing athleisure-inspired accessories, retailers can increase their market reach and target individuals looking for functional and stylish products.

Emphasis on Hair Health

Current trends in hair accessories emphasize hair health, with products like hair ties, beads, rings, and spiral hair ties designed to minimize hair damage and breakage. 

Also, these budget-friendly accessories are gaining popularity for adding a playful and decorative touch to hairstyles such as braids and ponytails.

As a retailer, these items are a must-have for your product range to attract more customers.

Scrunchies’ Comeback

Scrunchies have made a significant comeback, available in various styles, colors, patterns, and fabrics, appealing to a large audience. 

Scrunchies are the most popular among young girls, indicating that schools and universities are a natural fit for promotions of these products. 

As a retailer, you can stock up on attractive styles of scrunchies, promote your products among young girls, and increase your sales.

Pro Tip # Elevating Your Retail Strategy

One effective strategy to boost sales in the retail sector is offering product sets, packs, and bundles. This approach simplifies the decision-making process for customers.

For instance, as a retail business, you can create sets of multiple-color hair ties. This approach encourages customers to purchase ties that match multiple outfits in a single bundle.

Consequently, this strategy can lead to an increase in your sales and even help clear out old or less popular stock, including colors or products that are not selling well.