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Men and women are spending a lot on grooming, so the beauty tools market is growing fast It is projected to jump from $26 billion in 2023 to $94 billion by 2032 (CAGR: 17.40%). 

Among these beauty tools, tweezers hold a dominant share due to their consistent popularity for decades.  

Why? Because:

  • Easy to Use: They’re convenient, mess-free & long-lasting tools for tasks like shaping eyebrows, removing unwanted facial hair, and applying false eyelashes.
  • DIY Trend: Online beauty and self-care tutorials are making it more common for people to have hair removal routines at home. Hence, tweezers are in demand all the time.

This indicates that the opportunity is ripe for anyone planning to sell tweezers — be it a retailer or wholesaler.

However, you should consider some factors while purchasing them in bulk.

What To Look For While Buying Wholesale Tweezers?


Customers care about quality a lot, especially with beauty products or tools. So, to assess that, ask for a sample and check:

  • Material

Go for high-quality material as it makes tweezers last longer and work better.

And when it comes to material type, brow artists and people at home prefer stainless steel tweezers as they are durable, easy to clean, and do not rust or cause allergies.

  • Alignment

Check how the tweezer tips line up with each other. That’s because good alignment makes plucking hair smooth and easy.

  • Comfort and Grip

Choose tweezers that are comfortable to hold and can prevent hand fatigue during long use.

Also, pick the one that can provide a non-slip grip during plucking, reducing the risk of cuts or pulling out more hair than intended.


When buying in bulk, always search for a vendor that can supply tweezers of different colors and types. 

Having a wide variety of tweezers in your store means you can cater to the personal preferences of each customer.

Based on tips, here are six commonly used tweezers, each for a different job.

  • Straight-Tip Tweezers

Straight-tip tweezers are a popular choice for removing thicker hair.      

Since there is no sharp edge, these tweezers can also be used to apply individual lashes.

  • Slant Tip Tweezers

The slanty tweezers are the ones that many people have in their beauty pouches. Also, they’re common in salons. This means they’re sold the most in stores.

Having a slanted tip, they’re a top pick for easy and precise brow grooming.

  • Pointed Tip Tweezers

Due to their pointed tip, they are best known for fine and ingrown hair removal.

  • Pointed Slant Tweezers

They’ve two sides – one is pointy and the other is straight. Pointed slant tweezers are great for removing thick bushy hair as well as ingrown hair.

  • Claw Tip Tweezers

These tweezers are mostly used after waxing to remove unwanted hair from hard-to-reach areas.

The arched tips make it easy to grasp hair close to the roots, allowing quick and efficient removal of the most stubborn or coarse hair.

  • Rounded Tip Tweezers

Tweezers with rounded tips are perfect for beginners doing their eyebrows at home or for people with sensitive skin.

Boost Tweezer Sales with Kits & Sets

Want to sell more tweezers? Stock up on pre-packaged grooming kits like the ones that include a tweezer, nail cutter, eyebrow brush, and scissors.

Customers prefer buying these kits as they can get all the eyebrow maintenance items at once.

It's an easy choice for them and a sales booster for any beauty retailer.

Also, selling sets that contain different types of tweezers is a smart idea. With kits and sets, you can:

  • Benefit from a higher average order value (AOV) as customers spend more in one go.
  • Reduce marketing costs as there is no need to advertise each product in the kit or set individually.

And if you find that a particular type of tweezer isn’t selling well, consider pairing it with a fast-moving beauty product. This way, customers get a deal, and you clear out old or slow-moving stock — it's a win-win!