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A perfect look is what every woman desires. And compact mirrors let you have one at all times.

Compact mirrors are the one entity that the majority of women tend to have in their purses/bags. They help have quick make-up touch-ups, particularly for women always on the go.

Not only that but vintage-style mirrors can also be used for numerous other purposes.

These pocket mirrors are now available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Today, compact mirrors also symbolize class and style.

Compact mirrors can now also be used for branding.

Other Makeup Accessories

For a perfect look, you need to use the correct makeup tools. Applicators & sponges are some of the tools that play a great role in this regard. For instance, sponges are ideal for blending makeup foundations and concealers. They even out the items across the entire face so you don’t have a cakey look.

Similarly, applicators help to evenly distribute the hair dye down to the hair roots.

Sponges in different shapes and colors are available. You can also have access to dye applicators. Simply get yourself registered and purchase your desired variety.

Wholesale Compact Mirrors Vendors

Treasure Island Jewelry Company

Based in Houston, Texas, Treasure Island jewelry Company is a wholesale supplier of sterling silver charms and beads.

Their stunning product line also includes a range of other accessories sterling silver and gold compact mirrors are one among them. They offer beautiful mirrors with fine finishings. Some of them even have crystals and patterns engraved on their backs. The small size and classy look make them a preferred choice for buyers.

Mandarin USA Inc.

Located in Los Angeles, California, Mandarin USA Inc. is an importer and wholesaler of art and décor items.

Among other products, they also have a range of compact hand mirrors. These vintage-styled mirrors can serve as a perfect gift item for your friends. The mirror backs have beautifully engraved patterns. Their small size makes them a pocket-friendly item.