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Lighters were invented in the 18th century, yet their use became common in the early 1900s.

Nowadays, lighters are mostly associated with cigarettes and other smoking items. However, that is not their sole purpose. They are also a means for building fire in the cold, or for cooking.

Lighters come in a variety of styles. From plain to electric and rechargeable ones, all are available in the market. Yet, despite their advanced style, the traditional BIC lighters are still the US’s best-selling lighters.

During the pandemic COVID-19, the business of cigarette lighters suffered a downfall. Yet, after the lockdown, their market size has increased, expecting further growth in the coming years.

Considering the expected growth of the business of cigarette lighters, it can be said that this business can secure big profits.

Wholesale Lighter Suppliers


Based in Vernon, CA, Concord Wholesale has been working as a leader in the wholesale business.

Since its establishment, it has been servicing wholesalers, retailers, and resellers with quality products. The low rates of its entire merchandise make it a preferable vendor.

They maintain over 50,000 products in their stocks, which are divided in over 30 categories.

Some of its main categories include electronics, pet supplies, healthcare, food & beverages, toys, etc.

Its home and garden category are full of general tools, supplies, and accessories. For instance, you can find a cool collection of cigarette lighters. They are available in all kinds of styles. You can find both traditional and modern types of lighters.

Having over 35-year wholesale experience, Concord now enjoys immense global recognition. Thus, they have spread their network in 75 different nations.

Their strong networking channels and efficient customer services are their pride.

From single products to truckloads, whatever you desire, they serve you with your requirements.

Blackball Corp

In 1995, Alex and Paulie Velasquez laid the foundation of Blackball Corp. The business operates from Weimar, Texas.

As a family-owned business, it believes in building good relations with its customers.

Black Corp. has established itself as a reliable name in the business of wholesale novelty items, posters, & smoking accessories.

Their smoking accessories such as the lighters are popular among individuals. They have different types of lighters, ranging from plain BIC lighters to modern Zippo lighters. They have attractive textures, patterns, and character designs printed on their outer surfaces.

Their smoking accessories and novelty are supplied by renowned brands. Some of these include Zippo, Wildberry, Gonesh, Pure, Punky, and Color.

Their collaboration with Scorpio posters in 2018 further increased their customer base.

Diamond Visions Inc.

The foundation of Diamond Vision Inc. was laid in 2005. Based in Wisconsin, United States, it has now emerged as a leading wholesaler.

Their stocks are full of numerous products, belonging to different product categories. Electronic, toys and games, food & beverages, apparel & accessories, etc. are a few of them.

The home and garden collection of Diamond Vision also includes value-adding products. One can find a unique range of smoking accessories. The lighters that they offer are made of quality materials. Some are bullet-shaped, and others are guitar-shaped. Some are even torch lighters, etc.

Their quality products have earned them a long list of loyal customers.

They have been servicing hot-selling products to wholesalers, retailers, and non-profit organizations.


PalletFly was established in 2010, in New York. Jack Sasson, its owner, started it with the vision to identify problems unsolvable by conventional methods.

Working with several leaders in the industry, he launched PalletFly for a seamless buying experience.

It has over 100 warehouses with over 10,500,000 selling units. Its categories include electronics, apparel, health and beauty, pet supplies, toys, sports goods, art, etc.

It also offers numerous products in its home and garden collection. Its smoking accessories include a range of Zippo lighters. Their metal casings have trendy designs. Some others are even engraved with beautiful patterns. Even their plain casings have an elegant look.