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Best Wholesale Hookah Flavors in the US

Hookah smoking or water pipe smoking has become a popular method of tobacco consumption.

From viewing it as a harmless hobby to considering it as a healthier alternative to smoking, hookah smoking has become immensely popular among smokers of all age groups. Another reason behind hookah's popularity is the variety of hookah flavors.

From fruits and candies to coffee and chocolate, a wide range of flavors makes hookah smoking more fun. These flavors, whether single or in a blend, can assure a surreal hookah experience even for the pickiest smokers.

From all-time classic flavors to the latest ones, hookah flavors are in demand and the market is growing huge which is good for wholesale hookah flavor businesses.

Hookah Flavor Wholesalers

Urth Tree

Urth Tree is a leading manufacturer and seller of hookah flavors in the US. They are based in Sylmar, California, and manufacture 100% tobacco and nicotine-free hookah flavors.

They choose the best natural ingredients to make high-quality hookah flavors that ensure a smooth and flavourful hookah experience for everyone. All of their flavors are developed following the best practices and maintaining international standards.

They use natural dried apples, 100% natural USP Kosher certified glycerine, food-grade fruit extract from ISO certified manufacturer, and flavors that are US FDA compliant and on the Fema G.R.A.S list. You can find a wide variety of tobacco-less hookah flavors at Urth Tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can you mix hookah flavors?

Ans: Yes, hookah flavors can be used alone or in combination. Mixing hookah flavors is a common practice to create a unique blend.

Q2: Is tobacco or nicotine-free hookah good for you?

Ans: Despite containing no tobacco and nicotine, hookah is still not good for your health. Other than nicotine, it may contain other toxic substances that could damage your health.

Q3: Is hookah smoking better than cigarettes?

Ans: Hookah is considered a less harmful alternative to cigarette smoke but this is not true. Hookah cools the tobacco smoke and doesn’t filter any harmful substances.