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Best Online Chillum in the US

Gone are the days when smoking was known for its harmful nicotine intake. The market trends are shifting and the smoking industry is getting more creative with its products.

The smoking industry with an expected 120 billion dollar revenue generation by 2050 is very suitable for wholesale businesses.

Such developments promise an efficient experience that is highly customizable.

One such critical development is chillum, a specially designed hand pipe serving as a portable, easy-to-use smoking accessory.

Chillum has a long history of use in South East Asia and some parts of Africa. Back in the day, it was made from cowhide and bull horns. But nowadays, chillum is usually made of glass. Chillums are quickly garnering attention around the globe among smokers because of their portable and sleek design.

Reliable Vendors of Wholesale Hookah Chillums

Mount Everest Cloud Inc.

Mount Everest Cloud Inc. is a leading wholesale smoke accessories distributor, wholesaler, and importer recognized in the US. They have been in the business for over five years. Since then, they have supplied acrylic, silicon, and glass smoking accessories in the US.

In addition to being a wholesale supplier of smoking accessories, Mount Everest is also recognized for their collection of hand pipes, bubblers, dap rigs, and vapes of high quality.

Wholesale Kingz

LA Wholesale Kingz is a wholesale smoking shop that is based in LA. The main aim of LA Wholesale Kingz is to provide good products at affordable prices. This enables the customers to satisfy their smoking needs.

With over 5000 products and a collection that keeps on growing, Wholesale Kingz is leading the wholesale smoking supply market in the US.

Make sure to check out their SeeBiz storefront so that you can buy quality chillum products for your valued customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between a chillum and a pipe?

Ans: The main difference between a chillum and a pipe is that a chillum lacks a carb, allowing airflow control. Pipes and other smoking accessories usually come with carbs but chillums do not.

Q2: How many hits are available in a chillum?

Ans: Chillum contains a small bowl that can only hold a small amount of weed. This allows one to three hits. Chillum is the best-suited choice for one-time hitters.

Q3: Can you smoke hash in a chillum?

Ans: Yes, you can smoke hash in a chillum. People mostly fill the bowl part of the chillum with a mixture of tobacco and hash.