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Wholesale Girls Bottoms

It goes without saying that the girls' fashion industry is booming. However, it is important to note that one segment is experiencing rapid growth: 'Girls’ Bottoms.'

This surge in demand has captured the attention of girls' clothing retailers, sparking a keen interest in capitalizing on this niche.

For those considering venturing into the girls’ bottoms market, here are some reasons why it is a lucrative opportunity:

  • They’re needed – as an essential part of casual, semi-formal, and formal clothing. No look is complete without bottoms.
  • They’re always in – because the demand for bottoms never goes out; it remains consistent in all seasons, ensuring a consistent market demand.
  • They’re versatile – from trendy leggings to stylish skirts and casual jeans to formal pants, their diversity caters to a broad customer base.

This suggests that this market has lucrative opportunities for retail and wholesale businesses. To get in on this, you must know the latest market segments and trends.

Sourcing Girls’ Bottoms: Trendy Types

  • Jeans – Come in various colors, styles, washes, and leg cuts like straight-leg, skinny, flared, boyfriend, bootcut, etc.
  • Shorts – Available in different lengths, from short to long, suitable go-to options for casual and more polished looks for warm weather.
  • Dress pants – Featuring front opening buttons or zippers, perfect for formal and semi-formal occasions.
  • Cargo pants – Military-inspired style with multiple pockets, enhancing functionality for casual settings.
  • Joggers and sweatpants – Casual and comfortable, suitable for activewear or loungewear.
  • Palazzo – Flowing from the waist to the legs, providing a relaxed fit suitable for both formal and casual occasions.
  • Capri – Mid-calf level pants, suitable for warm weather, often preferred over shorts for semi-formal occasions.
  • Leggings and tights – Made from a blend of spandex in a skin-fit style, flexible and comfy for sports and casual activities.
  • Culottes – Wide-leg pants resembling a skirt, perfect for achieving a trendy look.
  • Skirts – Versatile and feminine, ranging from mini to maxi and A-line to pleated.

Making An Informed Decision: Best-Selling Products

Denim Styles

Due to its versatility, easy-to-wear design, and style, denim is a must-have in young girls’ wardrobes.

Denim never goes out of style and perfectly fits into teenagers’ wardrobes. The denim bottom styles that will be in demand for the upcoming years include:

  • Skinny jeans
  • Shorts
  • Relaxed-fit jeans
  • Ripped jeans
  • Denim skirts

By allocating a separate section to denim products, retail businesses can enhance their customers’ shopping experience and gain brand loyalty.

Leather for Every Weather

Leather is back again! With its luxurious feel, iconic sheen, and unmatched durability, it has become a popular choice for young ladies.

Another apparent reason for their popularity is the feminine and mature silhouette they provide to young girls.

Thus, leather pants and skirts go like hotcakes in all seasons, as they are cool in summer and warm in winter.

Pro Tip: As a retailer, you can sell a look to your customers on a higher profit margin than just bottoms. To do that, mix and match leather pants or skirts with other clothing pieces and promote it as the “look of the day” on your social media accounts.

High-waists and Wide-legs

According to recent research, over 8 in 10 consumers (87%) choose comfort over style, which is a big reason behind the popularity of these styles.

High waists and wide-leg bottoms are a combo of fashion and comfort, so well-liked among young girls.

Thus, comfortable bottoms can be another profitable investment for retail businesses.

Ruffles and Frills

Ruffles and frills add a playful touch to the bottoms. Nowadays, young girls are loving bottoms, such as jeans’ skirts embellished with ruffles, frills, and laces.

If you are a retail business, it is a good opportunity to capitalize on. Also, if you have dead stock, you can restyle it with frills and ruffles.

Don’t Miss Out on Back-to-School Season

The best-selling season for wholesale girls’ bottoms typically peaks during back-to-school shopping.

Thus, it makes late summer and early fall the prime selling period.

A survey also aligns with this fact and mentions that 71% of college students plan to buy new clothes for the back-to-school season.

This suggests that retail and wholesale businesses should stock up at least two months prior to this season to cater to increased market demand.

Peak Time for Selling Girls’ Bottoms

According to Google Trends, girls’ clothing sales are at their peak from November to December. Another report shows that half of US consumers leave most of their shopping for December.

There are two big reasons behind this shopping trend:

  • Discounts – like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Year-End
  • Occasions – like Thanksgiving, holidays, and Christmas.

Like other businesses, wholesale girls' bottom retailers and wholesalers should leverage this season and promote their products. How?

Influencer Marketing: Leverage Social Media

Influencers significantly impact consumer behaviors. Utilizing social media for influencer marketing can be effective for selling wholesale girls’ bottoms.

Here’s how you can implement this strategy:

  • Identify Relevant Influencers – Look for influencers on social media platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, focusing on kids' fashion and parenting.
  • User-Generated Content Campaign – Encourage influencers and followers to generate videos and pictures featuring your products.
  • Giveaways and Contests – Partner with influencers to host your contests and encourage their followers to participate in this campaign. This way, you can increase customers’ interest in your brand.
  • Discount Code – Assign a unique code to each influencer and encourage their followers to make purchases through that number. This way, you can track the effectiveness of each influencer’s promotions.

Exploring various influencer marketing strategies can significantly impact customer purchasing decisions.