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Wholesale Girls' Shorts

The demand for shorts has increased throughout the years. Whether it's for a school uniform, fashion purposes, or sports requirements, girls prefer to wear shorts.

In fact, 88% of girls prefer to wear shorts during school sports, and 85% prefer them for after-school sports.

Not just that, in 2022, shorts were the second-highest category in women's apparel spending, with an average annual expenditure of $95.91 per person.

So, if you are part of the wholesale or retail business in the girls' apparel category, then shorts are a profitable niche to dip into.

Types of Girls' Shorts

Some popular styles of shorts in the market are:

  • Booty Shorts
  • Boy Shorts
  • Cut-off Shorts
  • Skorts
  • Bermuda Shorts
  • Lounge Shorts
  • Bike Shorts

But how will you determine which products are the best choice for buying in bulk?

Tips for Choosing the Best Products in the Girls' Shorts Category

You should:

Prioritize Quality

High quality should always be your top priority while choosing a product as it builds customer trust and satisfaction.

Always order samples of the product before buying it in bulk so you can check out the details of the shorts first-hand like the fabric, stitching, zippers, buttons, pockets, etc.

Remember! When it comes to product quality, consumers now demand the use of sustainable material in the manufacturing of shorts.

So, it is best to stock up on shorts made from non-toxic, recyclable, and durable materials like cotton or vegetable and fruit byproducts like pineapple leaves.

These eco-friendly shorts can become a growth driver for your business.

Capitalize on Trends

Always look out for trendy products as they have higher chances of selling well in the market, such as:

Short Shorts

Short shorts dominated the early 2000s and are now back to make a mark in the fashion industry.

These shorts were part of many runway shows, like the Spring-Summer 2024 fashion week, hence making them quite popular among girls.

This shows that they are an in-demand product and have good sales potential.

Jorts (Jean Shorts)

The perfect blend of jeans and shorts, i.e., jorts, have become quite popular this year because some Gen Z creators on platforms like TikTok are bringing them back in style.

So, this has made them a hit among the younger generations like Gen Z and Gen X.

Therefore, this is a product that retailers should focus on.

2-in-1 Shorts (also called Double Layer Shorts)

The 2-in-1 shorts are taking over the fitness industry.

Since these are not only stylish but super comfortable for working out in, fitness girls have started to embrace these more and more.

So, retailers need to stock these up in different colors, sizes, and styles in order to attract the athletic customer base.

Tip: When it comes to shorts, girls really like matching them with their tops!

So, as a retailer, you can sell matching shirts, hoodies, or tank tops in the same colors, styles, etc., as the shorts in your store or you can even offer matching set packs at discounted rates to make twice the sale.

Consider a Wide Range

When it comes to shorts, some girls tend to buy them from high-end brands like Miu Miu, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc.

Why? Because they trust these brands!

This means that by offering shorts from these high-end brands you can also attract their loyal customer base towards your shops.

But in order to sell these popular brands in your store, you need to become an authorized retailer by signing agreements, filling out applications, and obeying the rules and policies of each individual brand.

Also, remember that not every customer wants to buy from luxury brands as some are on a budget.

So, by offering local and affordable brands as well, you will widen your customer base and increase chances of sale.

Wholesale Girls' Shorts: Summer Season Splurge

When summer is right around the corner, the summer wear market starts to gain attraction.

According to a survey, 78% of consumers plan to spend the same or less for summer items as compared to 2022, and 22% plan on spending more.

This stagnant growth gives many summer wear segments like girls' shorts a chance for good sales.

As a retailer, make sure to stock up on girls' shorts 2-3 months prior to the summer season in order to meet the demand.