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Hats are some of the oldest fashion accessories that are in high demand even today.

Originally, hats were invented as headgear to provide protection against cold or warm temperatures. 

However, with the passage of time, it became a symbol of authority and power. It was also used in religious ceremonies and high-profile events.

The versatility makes it a fashion statement and different hats are chosen in different periods.

Still, different styles of hats get rivals over time and each wearer has multiple styles of hats in their collection.

Other than a fashion piece, hats are part of the uniform in different departments such as arm forces, postal service, etc.

These all facts indicate that there is always demand for hats in the market. However, the styles and designs change according to fashion trends. Here are some categories of hats that can provide you with an idea about the market trees.:

  • Cloche Hat 
  • Fedora Hat 
  • Floppy Hat 
  • Greek Fisherman’s 
  • Straw Hats 
  • Visor Hat 
  • Berets 
  • Bucket 
  • Cabbie
  • Cowboy 
  • Earmuff 
  • Beanie

Whatever type of hat is trendy, you can buy it with the collaboration of several vendors. Here are a few of the options that carry an amazing range of hats.

  • Dollar Item Direct 
  • Hana 
  • Lee’s Trade Inc.
  • Epoch Hats 

If you are confused about how to cheese the right hat vendor for your business, checking out the following facts can be useful.

How to Choose a Hat Vendor? 

Selecting best-selling stock, need a quality hat supplier. Here are some points that lead you to the best hat suppliers.

Latest Styles: There are more than 100 styles of hats that exist. Well, it is not necessary that your select vendor have them all. But vendors must have top-selling styles with demanding colors and materials. For example, cowboys, cattlemen, telescopes, etc are popular styles of hats. Choose the vendor that follows the recent trends in hats.

Perfect Finishing: No matter how pretty the style of a hat is, it is of no use if the finish of the hat is rough. To confirm whether the finishing of hats is up to par, ask the vendor for a sample or smaller order.

Private Labeling: Private labeling is necessary, particularly when customers want hats for uniforms or special occasions. To buy that specific hat variety, make sure the vendor serves you private labeling. 

What companies or vendors make good hats?

There are several businesses in the fashion industry that designs and manufactures hats. If one has a classy range for one type of hat, the other carries quality in other types.

Is a hat business profitable?

Yes, a hat business is profitable. It carries a great profit margin ranging from 40 to 70%. It is the best passive business option but with high scalability can be turned into the main business.