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Plus Size Clothing Wholesalers

Today, the fashion industry has significantly revolutionized. With the growing self-acceptance of curvy bodies, size-inclusive clothing is now in trend.

The availability of modern-styled plus-size clothing enhances the confidence of such individuals. They can now move into society with their heads high.

The entire clothing range is now also available in plus size in the market. The dresses are present in a variety of different fabric materials, such as:

  • Viscose
  • Polyester
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Velvet

With the explosive demand for plus size clothing, every other clothing business includes a plus size range. There’s thus, a promising future for the wholesale plus-size clothing business as well.

How to Choose a Plus Size Clothing Wholesaler?

Here are some points that can help you approach reliable wholesalers for online bulk purchases.

  • Color & Prints: For plus-size individuals, just any color/print does not work. Check out the colors and prints of your sourced wholesale clothing stock. Make sure they help accentuate the curvy bodies instead of imparting an undesired look. Research on clothing collection of multiple wholesalers before making final purchases.

  • Fabric Flexibility: Comfort in clothing remains a priority. And that demands flexibility in the fabric used. Stretch and pull taught the fabric at the seams to check the tension. Thoroughly inspect the solid lining underneath several clothing items. Make sample purchases to run quality tests.

  • Stitching Finesse: Closely check the clothing stitching in your sourced stock. Make sure there are no hanging threads. Pay close attention to any incomplete stitches, particularly at the corners. Purchase a sample article first for a thorough inspection.

What is plus-size in the fashion industry?

The plus size is size 16 and above (in the UK), or size 14 and above (in the US). The extended sizes in the industry include sizes 7X and above.

Are plus-size clothes cut differently?

Plus-size clothing is cut differently compared to the usual size attire. Meant especially for curvy bodies.

Which is the leading region in the plus-size clothing market?

The US is the leading region in the market for plus-size clothing.