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Sneaker Distributors

Born in the streets of Los Angeles in 2013, Cape Robbin is an emerging fast-fashion footwear brand that focuses on combining style with comfort.







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America’s Most Appreciated Wholesale Sneaker Distributors

Supportive & breathable shoes allow safe play in sports. And sneakers tend to serve the purpose well.

Today, sneakers are also a part of casual wear. People of all ages wear these at all times.

Their availability in different styles adds to their overall personality. SeeBiz now also enlists a vast sneaker collection of three basic types:

  • Low-top sneakers
  • Mid-top sneakers
  • High-top sneakers

No matter the weather, sneakers remain an important part of the wardrobes. And this highlights the profitability associated with this wholesale business.

However, quality with supply consistency remains the prime concern. And this is effectively made possible by SeeBiz. The industry’s leading wholesale suppliers enlisted here make sure to meet all the requirements.

How to Choose a Wholesale Sneaker Distributor?

Individuals possess a keen observation when buying shoes. Hence, the need to have quality sneakers in stock. But finding one reliable wholesale sneaker supplier can be a challenging task.

Have a look at the below-mentioned points to help find authentic wholesale distributors online.

  • Check the Fabric Quality: Make sure your sourced sneaker stocks are durable. And the fabric quality is a strong determinant of this. So, see to it that your supplier offers sneakers in premium quality cotton, wool, nylon, etc. Read the mentioned product descriptions in detail. Purchase a pair or two to run quality tests on sneaker fabric.
  • Focus on Symmetry: For maximum comfort, symmetry in sneakers is important. Watch out for any unequal finishings in your sourced wholesale sneaker stocks. Check your sneaker stock for appropriate alignment at every point. Making sample purchases from your supplier can help with a thorough inspection.
  • Focus on Finesse: Have a close look at the finishing of your sourced wholesale sneakers. Make sure the stitches are complete. No extra threads are hanging out. The elastic should have just the desired flexibility. For this, you can purchase a pair from your supplier. Thoroughly inspect it from every angle. Make final bulk purchases only after full satisfaction.

Why Do Renowned Wholesale Sneaker Distributors Use SeeBiz?

Shoe suppliers can easily sell their products on several platforms. But business growth gets challenging when desired requirements are not fulfilled.

Removing all such obstacles, SeeBiz here tends to meet the desired standards. Some of its major benefits include:

  • Strong Communication Tools: B2B communication becomes a piece of cake on SeeBiz. Its real-time chat feature makes it possible to have direct communication between businesses. Sending business cards also helps develop a preliminary contact. A highly interactive timeline is another tool allowing the sharing of business content.
  • Build Long-Lasting Relations: SeeBiz helps build long-lasting relations with your customers. An initial preliminary connection is all that’s required. You can then share updates with your customers via social timeline & e-mails. All this contributes to strengthening your relations with your B2B clientele.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do you ethically source sneakers?

Ans: SeeBiz manufacturers who are into distribution take full account of ethical considerations. Moreover, the sneaker collection is enlisted on the platform only after legal approval and thorough testing.

Q2: What do I do if I have missing items in my order?

Ans: In case your order lacks some variety, you can always contact your supplier. Place your query and have your desired shoe pair delivered. However, SeeBiz suppliers are sufficiently vigilant to not exclude anything from the order.

Q3: Can I change my shipping address after placing an order?

Ans: Changing the shipping address after order placement is generally not recommended. It only creates unnecessary hassle.