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Safety Shoes Distributors


True, all kinds of shoes offer protection to the feet. But not all are suitable for wearing in harsh environments. That’s when the safety shoes become useful.

Safety shoes help avoid injuries in fields. Offering optimal support, they provide a firm grip. Thus, making it easier to walk on uneven and slippery surfaces.

No matter the business, safety shoes have their use. So, whether in retail or wholesale, this sector has the potential of securing high profits.

But it all comes down to the quality of the sourced stock.

How to Choose a Safety Shoes Distributor?

There are several wholesale safety shoe suppliers. But not all meet your requirements. That’s especially the case in online purchases.

Check out the following points to help find reliable online safety shoe distributors.

Finesse in Shoe Finishing: Pay close attention to the finishing of your sourced wholesale safety shoes. Make sure every stitch is complete. The material processing should indicate finesse. Look for adequately attached and stitched seams. Make sample purchases for thorough quality inspection.

Comfort Level: What good are shoes if they’re not comfortable? Ensure that your supplier provides a comfortable safety shoe stock. Both the outer and inner soles should be soft. There should be sufficient toe space. Look for optimal support in the heel and arch. Purchase a shoe sample first to check for minor details.

Adherence to Safety Standards: Make sure your sourced shoe stock meets the EN ISO 20345 standards. Pay close attention to the height and heel area of the safety shoes. Make sure the shoes are water-resistant. Also, check the thickness of the outer sole. Purchase samples from multiple suppliers for maximum inspection.

What are S1 S2 S3 in safety shoes?

These are the safety standards set for such shoes.

  • S1= Sole’s resistance to hydrocarbons, closed heel area, anti-static characteristics
  • S2= S1 + upper surface’s resistance to water
  • S3= S2 + resistance of outer sole to pleated and perforated soles

Do safety shoes have a shelf life?

Yes. A majority of safety shoes have a shelf life of approximately two years.