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Lingerie Wholesalers

Several types of lingerie simply attract women of all ages. That's why women are very specific in choosing lingerie for their wardrobe.

On the basis of purpose, lingerie collections have thousands of designs in them. Other than the basic underwear, sleepwear, corsets, camisoles, etc. are part of the lingerie collection.

lingerie clothing is a growing industry. A study shows the global lingerie industry confirms a profit value of $50. In 2022, around 7 billion in the year 2022 and it is expected that the CAGR rate will rise to 11.8 % percent in the coming years.

The growing industry shows the versatility in the designs and quality of the lingerie collection.

How to Choose a Lingerie Wholesaler?

Finding a wholesaler for the lingerie stock is not as easy. Whether you can access such wholesalers, it's hard to pick one that is actually worth it. Here we have some tips to get the best option.

  • Quality Fabric: The most considerable factor in lingerie stock is its fabric. A variety of fabrics are used depending on the comfort and style of lingerie like cotton, rayon, spandex, laces, and others. Pick a wholesaler who carries quality fabric that is skin friendly.

  • Variety: Lingerie collections have a huge variety in terms of colors, fabrics, styles, and sizes. Stylish ones even have embellishments. Of course, you will face a demand for this variety. Choose a wholesaler whose stock helps to meet the demand.

  • Special Purpose Lingerie: Special purpose lingerie includes special occasions, events, lingerie, or maintaining a specific shape of the body. It is also an important part of lingerie clothing. So, confirm the availability of special lingerie with your lingerie wholesaler.

What material is used in lingerie? Which fabric is thought to be skin friendly?

There are several kinds of fabric used in lingerie such as cotton, silk, nylon, spandex, organza, laces, and much more. However, the best fabric for lingerie is cotton and bamboo as it is breathable and also gentle on the skin.