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Appliance Parts Distributors


The 21st century marks the greater use of all types of appliances i.e., home, kitchen, and light.

According to Statista, the global appliance market value is approx. 48 billion USD in 2022. Further, calculations say this value is expected to rise at the CAGR of 3.36 annually in the coming years.

Now, this greater use of appliances also directs to the major requirement of their parts.  This requirement can be both external and internal functioning of appliances.

Further, appliances remain in demand 365 days a year, and the same goes for their parts. Hence, it's clear that one can earn desired revenue by distributing these in bulk.

Also, note that the supply consistency and acquisition of quality parts will determine your success in the market.

How to Choose Appliance Parts Distributor?

Acquiring appliance parts traditionally is not difficult since you can touch and observe them in reality. But the purchasing decisions become complex in the case of online shopping. Multiple concerns keep roaming in mind, and quality is at the top of the list.

To solve the problem, we have enlisted certain factors below. Following them, you can easily decide on the right appliance parts distributor for your business.

Let's highlight them one by one;

  • Inquire About Material: Ask the seller about the material used in making appliance parts. It is crucial because the material used in manufacturing significantly decides product durability. Good quality parts always constitute non-rustic metals or plastic to ensure safe and long-term working.

  • Question About Wiring: All electronic appliances’ internal parts possess specific wiring for their proper functioning. Make sure that experts have done all the wiring and that the sourced stock is safe to use.  Do a detailed discussion with the target distributor to clear everything before purchases. Request samples for a thorough checking by yourself.

  • Know About the Brand: Pay close attention to brands manufacturing appliance parts. It does matter in selling because customers today are brand conscious. Research well regarding the brands of appliance parts your target sellers deal in. Relying on the most experienced and trending ones, they always come up with authentic products only.

  • Consider the Warranty: The warranty of appliance parts counts a lot in guaranteeing the end product’s reliability. Hence be sure that the parts you source come with at least one to two years warranty. Consult different distributors for knowing the available warranties. Lock you deal with ones giving long-term warranties to secure more business for you.

  • MOQ Restrictions: Consider the minimum order limitations set by the appliance parts wholesale distributors. In case, your requirements and the sellers’ MOQ mismatch, there will be a problem. So it's always good to discuss such things before quote booking to avoid waste of time and effort.

  • Order Fulfillment Times: Look for the appliance parts sellers with the quickest order fulfillment and shipping times. No one waited long to order deliveries today. Those who ready stocks beforehand tend to satisfy buyers the most. Studying the shipping policies of different suppliers can help you source the best options for you.

Which appliance parts sell more?

The motors and the kitchen appliance parts secure more sales as compared to other ones. The frequent use of these two results in damages that call for replacements.

How do I grow my appliance part distribution business?

The wholesale platform can effectively help you grow your appliance parts distribution setup in less time. This instant networking and selling at the country level here play a vital role in increasing revenue.

Who is the target market for appliance parts?

The kitchen appliance industry is the major purchaser of appliance parts. Following the daily usage of these, production is required at a bigger scale. This eventually leads to higher demand for both external and internal appliance parts.