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Top Bikini Wholesalers in the United States

Bikinis make people more comfortable during water activities like swimming, water sports, sunbath, etc. These are made from fabrics that dry quickly and don’t hold excessive water. The different materials used to make bikinis are:

  • Polyester
  • Elastane blend
  • Lycra
  • Nylon, etc.

With different types of fabrics, there’re various styles of bikinis such as:

  • String bikini
  • Monokini
  • Microkini
  • Bandeaukini
  • Tankini
  • Trikini
  • Sling bikini

And many others. Designs, trends, and comfort of bikinis are the key drivers of the market. Working on styles with a wonderful blend of fabrics can make one fetch more dollars in this business.

According to the research, the global bikini market is expected to observe high growth and boosted revenues. Joining a platform like SeeBiz can play a role to boost the profits of bikini wholesalers. Because dozens of vendors at SeeBiz are dealing in all of the latest designs and trends of bikinis, so one can wholesale here.

How to Choose Bikini Wholesalers?

The given below factors can help you choose a bikini wholesaler so read and choose.

Location of a wholesaler: The location of a wholesaler is directly related to many factors, for example, with an overseas wholesaler you will find a time zone difference. This will impact customer services, delivery timing, and freight charges. Therefore, whether a wholesaler is local or overseas, test a wholesaler’s customer services before you need it and discuss delivery timings.

Quality control tests: Make your quality control team active to inspect the samples of different wholesalers by following tests:

  • The Fabric should not be too thin as it would feel like plastic and irritate the skin. It shouldn’t be thick enough to dry late and feel heavier.
  • The fabric should Stretch in all four directions for at least up to 50% and should recover to its original position.
  • It should have a great Elastic Recovery so that it comes back to the original shape after the stretch is removed. A fabric containing 8% elastane will ensure great recovery.
  • Check the Colorfastness of the bikini in salt and chlorine water.
  • Perform Pilling Test to analyze the durability of the fabric when it is rubbed against different surfaces in the water.
  • The Double Stitching makes sure that joining pieces will not be falling apart. Also, look for the loose threads if any.
  • Sizing plays a key role in bikinis, so look for a wholesaler providing accurate size measurements for cup size, bust, chest, waist, etc.

A wholesaler whose samples qualify for these tests would be appropriate for your business.

Why do Great Bikini Wholesalers use SeeBiz?

The trendy bikini wholesalers use SeeBiz because of its following features:

  • Product categories: SeeBiz includes almost all product categories, there’s nothing you can’t find here. So wholesalers whatever they are selling can bring it to SeeBiz to reach potential audiences and earn high margins. Even bikini wholesalers can make their products’ categories according to the types at their SeeBiz storefronts.
  • No fixed prices: The prices of products at SeeBiz are not fixed. So bikini wholesalers can adjust the prices under group and tier pricing and benefit their loyal customers to boost sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the best bikini company?

Ans: There Are several companies making trendy bikinis but it is most obvious when you move to a single brand you will just find some limited styles. Instead, you should subscribe to a marketplace like SeeBiz to wholesale a vast collection of trendy bikinis for your business.

Q2: How do you market your bikini?

Ans: 5 Simple tips to market your brand:

  • Go for creative shoots of your products
  • Experiment with some fresh styles and fabrics
  • Share your brand founder’s struggles story
  • Share engaging posts on your social media accounts
  • Engage women working in your brand to share their experience with products