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Toys are more than just entertainment and fun for kids. These play an important role in developing the creativity, sense of touch, hearing, and sight of kids. There are countless benefits of toys for kids, for example, toys:

  • Provide physical activity
  • Improve cognitive abilities
  • Enhance language and communication skills
  • Encourage creative thinking and imagination
  • Boost IQ
  • Keep kids happy
  • Develop problem-solving ability, etc.

Toys are not only important for the well-being of human kids but also for animals. Pet toys keep your pets physically active, happy, and healthy.

The toy business is one of the most lucrative businesses in the world. Because selling and buying toys are not limited to a specific season, it is an all-time favorite purchase. 

You can grow your toy business by targeting more than one market. Now the question arises of how you should choose a manufacturer for your toy business. Let's answer this.

How to Choose a Toy Manufacturer?

The business in toys needs a lot of responsibility because a minor issue can ruin your customer base. Therefore, find a manufacturer who can see eye to eye with you in several aspects like:

Toys should be safe:

Ask the manufacturer to provide you with samples and check samples for:

  • The material of toys should be non-toxic, durable, and inflammable. There should be no sharp edges, corners, or detachable parts in the toy.
  • The toys shouldn’t have small components that could become a choking hazard.

Production rules: The manufacturer should provide you with safety testing and quality check documents for your satisfaction.

Designs and trends: Go for a manufacturer who makes toys in attractive designs and eye-catching colors. Keeping market trends in mind is also crucial for example Avengers superhero toys are in trend for the last few years. 

Toys and the age of kids: Toys are made by keeping in mind the age of a child. You should check whether a manufacturer is making toys according to the age of kids or not. Also, the age should be mentioned on the toy tags.

These are just a few factors but business in toys needs extra care as kids are sensitive. Look for other factors that can help you in finding the right manufacturers.

Is a toy business profitable?

The toy business is a highly-profitable business, especially in the USA. The retail sales of the USA toy industry accounted for above 38 billion U.S. dollars in 2021 in the USA. It is not only a profit-making business alone in the USA but throughout the world.