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Seafood Wholesalers

Like other meat, Seafood is also a rich source of protein and vitamins for the human body. This is the reason why people are more likely to have it in their diet.

According to research, almost 54% of Americans consume seafood at least twice a month. This refers to their higher demand in the market throughout the year.

Hence, it isn’t wrong to say that one can secure good profits by running a seafood business. The only thing required is keeping high-quality fresh products in stock.

How to Choose the Right Seafood Wholesaler?

There are multiple online seafood stores available but not each one's products are worth buying.

Well, how can you determine if the seller is trustable enough? Below mentioned points will give you a clear answer to this question.

  • First Impressions: How the fisheries look greatly determines their quality. Make sure there are no signs of bruising and the skin shouldn’t be broken. Also check if the flesh is translucent, as it indicates freshness. Making sample purchases can help with a thorough inspection.

  • Color of the Meat: Every seafood has its own color that makes it look fresh and appealing. Once you get samples note the colors of the fish, shrimp, or other seafood. If you find products missing vivid markings and the colors fade they are not worth stocking.

  • Check the Odor: Seafood like other eatables has a certain shelf life.  You can easily determine it through their odor. If the seafood’s smell is pleasant like fresh seawater this means it's fresh. However, if you smell a bad odor like rotten seaweed or oil, it is a clear indicator that it's expired.

What is the Most Consumed Seafood In the US?

Shrimp is the most consumed Seafood in the US. According to research, Americans eat 1.27 billion pounds of shrimp per year. So if you are running or planning to start a Seafood business, maintaining an ample stock of shrimp is a must for success.

What Causes Greater and Greater Demand for Seafood?

All seafoods are rich in protein and possess low carbs therefore liked by many people globally. This undoubtedly calls for their greater demand in the market. You can stock up on some of the best quality seafood from seafood wholesalers. Besides quality, they offer you the best prices as well.