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Activewear is usually associated with sports & exercise, but that’s just not it. In the present times, activewear has essentially become a part of mainstream fashion.

Their use is not only limited to the gym. Activewear is now present as flattering pieces in the closet. Boosting self-confidence helps one look the best and feel the best in the crowd.

Activewear clothing is available in a vast variety. This includes:

  • Crop tops
  • Tank tops
  • Long, short, & sleeveless shirts
  • Running shorts
  • Pants

Considering the growing diet consciousness among individuals, the activewear business is in full swing. By 2024, the global market of this apparel category is projected to reach $547 million (Allied Market Research).

But, as part of the apparel industry, the quality of material becomes a major concern.

How to Choose an Activewear Wholesale?

Making online purchases of wholesale activewear is never risk-free. There are rising concerns about quality and reliability.

Here, we have compiled some factors that can help find reliable wholesalers online:

  • Supportive Cuts: Always go for an activewear stock with supportive cuts. Make sure that cuts do not affect mobility. Also, check the length of the pants. Have a look at the fitting of sports tops. Check the activewear collections of several wholesalers prior to making bulk purchases.

  • Breathability & Stretchability: Comfort is a priority in every clothing type. So, always check the fabric of your sourced activewear stock. Make sure it’s stretchable. Go for spandex or polyester fabric. Also, closely inspect the fitness of activewear clothing. Make minor purchases from several wholesalers first for a thorough inspection.

  • Size Variation: Individuals vary in size and height. Hence, the standard size cannot be set for all. Make sure your sourced wholesale stock is inclusive of multiple size variations. Go with the one supplying the demanded size range in the activewear collection.