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Nail Supply Wholesalers

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The U.S. market for the nail segment is expanding at a CAGR of 1.79% and is projected to account for $1.67 billion by 2023. This industrial growth can be attributed to various factors:

  • Social media marketing of products
  • The emergence of beauty salons
  • Increase in vegan and plant-based products
  • Rising fashion consciousness among millennials & Gen-Z

So, how do these factors impact wholesale and retail businesses?

Due to these influences, manicures have gained popularity, with 20.05 million Americans undergoing manicures more than four times within a six-month period. As a result, over 17,000 nail salons are now in the U.S., creating a significant demand for nail supplies.

This illustrates the potential for high profits in a wholesale nail supply business.

For businesses intending to invest in nail supplies, the following four criteria are worth considering:  

  1.     Inspect the products’ quality

It is advisable to request nail supply samples from various wholesalers and inspect them for potential defects, performance, and quality. For instance, if you're looking to buy nail paints for your business, you could evaluate the glass bottles, ingredients, plastic caps, and brushes for quality assurance.

  1.     Check expiry dates

Ensuring the products have an adequate shelf-life is crucial. Products with a longer shelf-life offer a larger sales window and fewer chances of returns. Consideration should also be given to the storage conditions of the wholesaler. Even unexpired products may suffer a decline in quality if not stored correctly. 

  1.     Verify FDA approval

The Food and Drug Administration regulates nail products. Hence, it's crucial to source from wholesalers offering FDA-approved products. Safe and approved products can build customer trust in your brand and improve sales.

  1.     Negotiate product prices

Pricing significantly impacts your buying power and profitability. If two wholesalers provide the same quality, opting for the one offering lower prices would benefit your business. Negotiating deals and discounts on bulk purchases are also recommended.

How to Choose a Nail Supply Wholesaler?

Whether a business wants to treat a nail technician, nail salon, or only basic nail supply customer, choose a wholesaler with mindfulness. Here are some tips to make an effective selection.

  • Professional Nails Supply: The nail supply range includes some basic products that are suitable to sell to general users. But professional tools include machines and other kits. These are required by nail technicians or salons. First, select your niche and then choose a nail supply wholesaler who carries supplies according to it.

  • Latest Products: New products have been added to nail supplies. A buyer needs to be attentive to the recent collection. Then, prefer a wholesaler who carries the latest range of nail supplies.

  • Manual or Guides: While buying new nail supplies, which include kits and machines, make sure the wholesaler provides instruction manuals with it. This helps you and your customers understand the product better.

Let's now turn our attention to some of the latest market trends!

Current Nail and Nail Art Trends

Nowadays, clean, simple, healthy, and natural-length nails are all the rage, reflecting an increased consciousness about personal hygiene. Vegan beauty products, free from toxins, are also making waves in the beauty industry, and this trend extends to nail products.

With consumers recreating their favorite nail looks, the nail art tools market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.9% by 2030. Investing in this burgeoning industry can significantly increase your profit margins. Here are some popular nail art trends that could enhance your product catalog:

  • Milky white nails
  • 3D nails
  • Melted metal nails
  • Chrome nails
  • French glass nails
  • Negative space nails
  • Velvet nails
  • Bold aesthetics
  • Reptile prints

Interested in purchasing trending nail supplies?

You can select nail supply wholesalers from an online wholesale directory, who offer products at competitive prices. The wholesalers listed in wholesale directories deal in a comprehensive range of nail supplies and tools, including nail art, nail enhancements, manicure tools, nail colors, and more.