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Gold Jewelry Wholesalers


For ages, jewelry has remained a significant accessory for both men & women. And gold jewelry has always remained their top preference.

Among others, pure gold or gold-plated jewelry brings the most shine to an attire. At weddings & festivities, such jewelry adds a new level of elegance. It also boosts an individual’s self-esteem.

Apart from its fashion and symbolic reasons, it also has surprising health benefits.

As one of the most precious metals, the economic value of gold jewelry always remains high. This forecasts a bright future for the wholesale gold jewelry business. But it all depends on the quality of the sourced jewelry.

How to Choose a Gold Jewelry Wholesaler?

Online wholesale gold jewelry purchases raise several quality concerns. Hence the need to source jewelry only from trusted online suppliers.

Here are some factors you might consider when searching for reliable jewelry wholesalers online:

  • Know the Purity: The quality of gold jewelry is all about its purity. 24-karat gold is the purest one. 22kt, 21kt gold is mostly used in jewelry-making. Closely inspect your sourced wholesale jewelry stock for its purity. Run several quality tests on purchased samples for a thorough inspection.

  • Inspect its Weight: It’s important to know the actual weight of gold in your sourced wholesale jewelry. The weight also speaks of its quality. Thoroughly read the jewelry descriptions. Consult your wholesale supplier for any lingering queries.

  • Certification is Necessary: Always go for a certified wholesaler for your gold jewelry stock purchases. Make thorough background checks on the legality of their business. Thoroughly research several gold jewelry wholesalers. Finalize the one meeting all the legal standards.

Which karat gold is best for jewelry?

22-karat gold is the best one for jewelry-making. Gold in its purest 24kt form is soft. Hence, not feasible for intricate jewelry designs.

How do you keep gold jewelry in good condition?

Warm water and dish soap in a 10:2 ratio is used for maintaining the shine of gold jewelry. The items are dipped in solution for several hours and then gently scrubbed.