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Garage Door Manufacturers


The U.S. market size for manufacturing garage doors makes up $3.7bn in 2023, according to IBIS World.

Everyone needs safety, and garage doors are an excellent way to ensure the security of your property and possessions. These add aesthetics and protect your place, especially if you have kids and pets at home.

Moreover, garage doors are designed to reduce the chances of theft and damage due to changes in weather.

Growing investments in infrastructure and technological advancements like sensors in garage doors make this a profitable niche.   

Garage doors are manufactured using wood, wood composites, aluminum, steel, fiberglass, etc., and steel is dominating material due to its durability. Different types of residential garage doors based on functionality include:

  • Roller doors
  • Counterweight doors
  • Sectional doors

Whether you’re new in this business or a pro, buying high-quality, durable garage doors is difficult.

Let’s discuss how you can find reputable manufacturers to source garage doors for your business.

How to Choose a Garage Door Manufacturer?

Choosing a garage door manufacturer needs a complete product analysis. The following points can help you assess the products’ quality and evaluate the manufacturer's reliability.

Quality inspection: The following are the aspects that indicate the quality and durability of the garage doors.

Consider checking the bearings and rollers, there should be no cracks on them. Overall, they should have good lubrication. Other important aspects to consider while choosing garage doors include:

  • Equal weight distribution
  • Secure and tightened brackets
  • Good structural performance
  • Proper functioning of emergency cord
  • Smooth trolley running

After a complete inspection, choose a manufacturer that suits your business needs and provides you with the quality you expect to offer your customers. 

Manufacturer's warranty: Reliable manufacturers offer extended warranties on their products. So go for a manufacturer offering a warranty to ensure the best warranty services to your customers in the case of damage.

Sometimes manufacturers don’t offer warranties for all products, so it is imperative to ask about services on all products you’re going to buy.   

Rating and history: You can assess the company's reputation by checking a manufacturer's history in customer dealing and the services they offer after garage door installation. A good track record of testimonials and reviews increases your trust in the manufacturer, building strong relationships. 

Compare offers: Compare different offers based on different prices, services, installation prices, warranties, etc., to decide upon the best garage door manufacturer. 

Membership in local associations: Local associations may ensure ethical business practices. The presence of a manufacturer in local associations tells about a company’s standing in the business community. So you can consider making a deal with a manufacturer having a stronger presence in local associations.