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Candles Wholesalers

Candles are a viable business. Here are some statistics to support this:

According to a Vantage Market Research report, the global candles industry is estimated to generate revenue of $10.30 billion by 2030. The real catch here is that the growth rate until 2030 is projected to be 6.20%.

A Statista report provides encouraging news for those in the US candle business.

It states that the country will contribute the highest revenue in the global candle market, about $2.20 billion in 2023. The US candle market is estimated to grow at 2.91% annually by 2027.

A report by Expert Market Research leaves no doubt about this growth in the candle market. It suggests that an increasing demand for scented and sustainable candles is fueling this growth.

Candle consumption as a household product is driving this demand. Consumers are also becoming more particular about using candles manufactured from environment-friendly materials with sustainable packaging.

Assessing the statistics and market trends, investing in the candle business seems highly profitable.

Finding a capable candle wholesaler can put your business on the right track. Here’s how you can do it.

Choosing a Candle Wholesaler

Let’s examine the different factors to consider when choosing the right candle wholesaler for your business.

Candle Ingredients

Consumers are becoming more conscious about candle ingredients due to health and environmental reasons. Some usual components of candles are:

  • Paraffin
  • Soy
  • Beeswax
  • Palm Wax
  • Coconut Wax


You can start by selling one type of candle and then go on to sell a wide range. Consider a wholesaler that can supply candles with ingredients that you want to sell.

Scent Customization

The demand for scented candles is increasing. People are looking for more than just the usual scents.

For your business, you'll want custom scents that set you apart from competitors.

Choose a candle wholesaler that allows you to create custom scents that can become the identity of your business.

Private Label Candles

Getting candles in bulk with custom branding can make things easier for your business.

Inquire with the candle wholesaler if they can supply candles with your company’s colors, logo, and other information.

Know Your Niche

Candles have a usage in several niches, and each needs different candles. For example, a restaurant and aromatherapy can't use the same type of candle.

Also, there are different types of candles for household and commercial use.

After you have defined the niche, you can place better orders.

Focus on Candle Containers and Packaging

Packaging is gaining more importance in the candle business for several reasons. Firstly, people want attractive containers to gift candles.

Another reason to focus on packaging is its environmental effect. Consumers are increasingly looking for recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Inquire with your wholesaler if they can provide environment-friendly packaging.

One last thing to know and your candle business can take off.

What is a Convenient Way to Find Competent Candle Wholesalers?

Searching on online marketplaces will lead you to reliable candle wholesalers most conveniently.

You can quickly check which wholesaler suits your candle business and finalize the deal.