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Pet Food Manufacturers

Since the pandemic, online sales in the pet food industry have only increased, and this trend is expected to remain the same.

According to Statista, the US is leading the revenue ranking in the pet food market with $53.8 billion of revenue per year.

The global pet food industry is also expected to grow substantially in the coming years because of the increase in pet ownership. A Mordor Intelligence report states that the global pet food industry is currently yielding $119,594 million. With a rise of 5.10%, this industry is expected to be worth $153 billion by 2028.

With all these stats, the question arises; what’s in that for the wholesale and retail industry? Increased sales, of course. And the first step to achieve this would be choosing the right pet food manufacturer.

How to choose a pet food manufacturer?

Consider the following standards to choose the best pet food manufacturer:

  • The Nutrient Standard Certificates

The top quality pet food is expected to take a bigger market share as consumers become more conscious of the well-being of their pets.

Make sure that the manufacturer you’re choosing holds the AAFCO feeding trials and fulfills the AAFCO nutrient profiles as well.

  • Fragmentation of Pet Food

Typically, pet food is fragmented into two basic categories: dog and cat food. Further options can include pet food for birds.

Choose a manufacturer that provides products for at least one of these categories.

  • Shelf Life

Pet food also comes with an expiry date. While choosing a pet food manufacturer make sure the products offered by the manufacturer have a longer shelf life, especially for dry products.

  • Additional Services

Choose a manufacturer that can offer value-added services such as discounts on purchases made above a set mark, order customization options, etc.

What is trending in the pet food industry?

Online sales of pet foods are set to remain the leading trend in the pet food industry. A report by Euromonitor International states that premium pet food sales are expected to go up to $59.2 billion by 2027. Consumers are looking to buy top-quality food for their pets. Because of that, they are turning more towards online channels.

This can increase the market share for all shareholders in the supply chain of pet food.

What are the growth opportunities in the pet food market?

With the increase of DINK (Dual Income No Kids) families, the pet food market will expand along with the pet industry. Manufacturers are set to increase not only food production but improve the nutrient value of pet food as well.

Moreover, with the rise in wholesale and retail e-commerce, online shopping is also expected to increase.