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Scrub Wholesalers

Scrubs are essential in the medical fields such as labs, hospitals, therapy centers, etc. It is now a norm in the USA that all the patient care staff wear a scrub. Whether they’re doctors or surgeons.

In 1918, the trend of scrubs started with the purpose of keeping the environment clean and organized. Every person wears neat and clean scrubs to ensure proper hygiene while on medical duties.

Following are some areas that need scrubs on a daily basis:

  • Caretaker
  • Nurse
  • Dental Assistant
  • Physical therapist
  • Pharmacy technician
  • Phlebotomist
  • Veterinarian

Although there are defined designs and colors for all types of scrubs, the quality of fabric and size are considerable factors for the wearer.

Here we have some more information regarding dealing with scrubs wholesalers.

How To Choose a Scrub Wholesaler?

Apparently, the same scrubs actually are not of the same quality. But it is difficult to determine the quality of each piece. But you can choose a quality wholesaler for scrubs who have up to mark quality in scrubs.

  • Detailing and Stitching: While choosing a wholesaler for scrubs, thoroughly check their quality. Confirm the wholesaler has quality stitching and detailing parts like the pockets and sleeves all should be done properly.

  • Fabric Quality: Multiple fabrics are used in scrubs such as cotton, polyester, etc. Ask your wholesaler to give you a sample of scrubs. So I can assure you the fabric is lightweight and breathable.

  • Sizes and Fitting: Of course, a variety of sizes needs to fit all. So, pick a wholesaler who has a huge variety in sizes for scrubs. Also, check the size chart separately for men's and women's scrubs.

Should scrubs fit tight or loose? How can I get the best size scrubs stock for my business?

Not too tight or too loose, actually scrubs should be comfortable during medical procedures.  Too tight a scrub creates disturbance and loose scrubs are also not practical. However, buying the scrub stock, especially for the business, keep in mind to get a huge variety of sizes. Versatility helps to fit more buyers and that is what you need for your stock.

Can nurses wear any scrubs?

It depends on the dress code specified in the hospital. Most hospitals have five dress codes; mostly solid blue is mentioned for nursing scrubs. But if the hospital does not define any colors, nurses can go for any colors and prints.

How long should a pair of scrubs last?

It depends on the quality of the fabric used in the scrubs. Quality scrubs last for years. However, it is suggested to change the scrubs after every 6 months.