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Home Decor Wholesalers

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The global home decor market is witnessing impressive growth, with a projected value of $1341.1 billion by 2032 and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.20% from 2023 to 2032.

The United States alone is expected to reach a market value of $202 billion in 2024.

This substantial growth is driven by the increasing inclination of people to spend more on home furnishings and decor items each year.

So, entering or investing in this niche offers great potential for success and profitability.

And a reliable home decor wholesaler can significantly contribute to unlocking this potential and bring you lucrative returns.

For this, a directory can be a valuable resource. It provides an extensive list of wholesalers specializing in various home decor items such as:

  • Furniture: Sofas chairs, tables, beds, etc.
  • Home textile: Curtains, drapes, bedding sets, cushions, etc.
  • Flooring: Rugs, carpets, sheets, tiles, etc.
  • Wall decor: Paintings, frames, tapestries, decorative wall hangings, etc.
  • Lighting fixtures: Chandeliers, table lamps, ceiling lights, etc.

By sourcing products from these wholesalers at competitive prices, you can propel your business to new heights.

But what exactly to consider when browsing through the list?

Let’s get to that.

Choosing Home Decor Wholesalers: Key Factors to Consider

Here’s how you can choose the best wholesaler for your business:

Product Diversity

To attract a broader customer base, opt for a wholesaler that offers a diverse selection catering to different styles, trends, and customer preferences.   


Prices can vary depending on the wholesalers' location, shipping methods, and relationships with manufacturers. It is advisable to get multiple quotes to ensure you’re getting a competitive rate that allows for a desirable profit margin.


Many home decor items often require careful handling. Any damage during transit can affect product quality. Choose a wholesaler that prioritizes proper handling and packaging, especially for delicate items.

Emerging Trends in the Home Decor Industry

Minimalism & Sustainability

With more and more consumers embracing the idea of simple and decluttered spaces, minimalism continues to be a dominant trend in the home decor industry

Additionally, sustainability has become a key consideration for many consumers when selecting home decor items.

They’re increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their choices and are actively seeking products made from eco-friendly materials such as recycled fiber, organic cotton, bamboo, reclaimed wood, etc.

Decor Items

Indoor plants, vintage furniture, statement wall art, handmade ceramics, and boho-chic rugs are among the top preferences of many Americans.


Popular colors in the home decor industry include Classic Blue, Burnt Orange, Muted Green, Soft Pastels, and Earthy Browns. Staying up-to-date with these color options can help you select visually appealing products that resonate with the customers’ needs.

Key Takeaway: By adopting these trends and adding these sought-after items to your inventory, you can attract more customers and increase sales.