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Gift Basket Wholesalers


People love receiving gift baskets as there’s a variety of items inside the gift baskets. Its charming packing attracts people.

These are affordable, customizable, handy, and multi-purpose. You can make gift baskets out of fruits, chocolates & sweets, shells, flowers, snacks, cosmetics, stationery, etc. Gift baskets are cost-effective as purchasing the individual items for the basket would charge you a high cost.

According to the facts, customizable gift baskets are more popular as compared to pre-designed baskets. Therefore, the chances to thrive in this niche depend on customization too.

How to Choose a Gift Basket Wholesaler?

You must not want to ruin your customers’ special occasions. Therefore, take a look at the following helpful factors to choose a gift basket wholesaler.

Quality of gift basket items: A wholesaler must offer you high-quality products in gift baskets, for instance, food is the most common category given in gift baskets. You can check the quality of food items by observing their physical properties, chemical composition, shelf-life, packaging, labeling, etc. Look for nasty smells, slimy looks, furry coatings, color changes, etc. These indicate the growth of microbes in food.

Packaging: Ensure that the packaging for gift baskets is secure. A wholesaler should properly package the gift baskets before sending them to ensure they don't get damaged. Quality packaging also saves the gift baskets from being deformed under load while shipping. Perform the following tests to check the packaging:

  • Packaging drop test
  • Edge crush test
  • Burst test
  • Water resistance test of gluing

Customization: Customization is the most interesting factor that would indicate the creativity of a wholesaler’s team. Ask a wholesaler to provide you with some customized sample gift baskets. This way you can analyze whether a wholesaler can accommodate you with proper customization or not. Customizations can include custom box sizes, shapes, logo printing, designing, etc.

How can I grow my gifting business?

Grow your gifting business with these ideas:

  • Target audience with paid ads on social media
  • Include digital gifts in your product base
  • Offer product bundles
  • Launch promotional offers on events
  • Introduce creative gifts
  • Offer unique and customizable gift baskets
  • Source amazing gift baskets reputable gift basket wholesalers