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Glasses Manufacturers

Did you know the global eyewear industry is rapidly expanding, with a projected revenue yield of $141.5 billion in 2023?

Yes, this is true. According to Statista's report the revenue generation in the global eyewear industry is projected to reach around $141.5 billion in 2023. With high growth prospects, the annual revenue generation can see an increase of 4.3% by 2027.

The same report also says that the US holds the largest market share with a market volume of $58.98 billion.

But the question is, what factors are causing this expansion in the glasses manufacturing industry?

According to a Mordor Intelligence report, the growth in this sector is driven by increasing visual impairments in the geriatric population and a forward-thinking attitude from customers towards fashionable eyewear.

So, if you are in the eyewear wholesale or retail industry, partnering with a reputable glasses manufacturer is a great way to ensure increased sales with high profits.

Choosing the best glasses manufacturers

Let’s examine the different factors to consider when choosing the right glasses manufacturer for your business.

  • Meets the Volume

Be it the single vision lens or fashion eyewear, there is always a demand for eyewear in the market. Opt for a manufacturer that delivers your desired product volume.

  • Provides Top Quality Product

Compromising on the quality of prescription and protective eyewear can be damaging to your business. Some quality factors you should look for in a product include optical quality, lens clarity, refractive power, luminous transmittance etc.

In addition to physical characteristics, the frame should have smooth edges and be free of any defects that cause discomfort.

  • Offers OEM and ODM Optical Frames

As the demand for fashion eyewear is increasing, it is important to look for a manufacturer that can deliver OEM or ODM optical frames, depending on your preference.

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) manufacturer can design frames according to your requirements and specifications.

An ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) manufacturer supplies premium designs inspired by market trends. They have the design ready before manufacturing.

  • Quantity-based Discounts

One of the major reasons you’re going for wholesale purchases is to reduce the unit cost. While bulk-buying wholesale is already cheaper than retail, look for a manufacturer that offers discounts when you purchase large quantities from them.

How Important Is Variety of Glasses for Your Wholesale Business?

Eyewear, whether prescription or protective glasses, is becoming a necessity and not just a luxury item. Regular users demand high-quality products with a variety in colors, shades, and rim designs that are durable.

It is important to have a wide range of products to meet the consumer needs and stay competitive in the market.

What is a Quick Way to Find Good Glasses Manufacturers?

Networking is a great way to locate a good glasses manufacturer. But the most convenient way is to explore options on online marketplaces.

You can find a variety of manufacturers along with supporting data on these platforms. It is easier to analyze this data which can further help you make an informed decision for your wholesale business.

So, start your search for the perfect eyewear manufacturer today and see the difference it makes to your wholesale business