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Women Shoe Wholesalers


Shoes are meant to provide protection for feet. But for women, they have different meanings.

Just like clothes, women have a strong obsession with shoes. They desire a matching shoe pair with every attire in their wardrobes.

Considering women’s love for shoes, the market offers a diverse collection. The same is now available online, primarily categorized as:

  • Flats
  • Heels
  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Slippers

Now, women’s shoes secure the majority of the total shoe sales made in the US each year. Hence, the promising nature of this business.

Starting a women’s wholesale shoe business will give flashing sales. But the shoe quality and supply consistency are some major concerns.

How to Choose a Women's Shoe Wholesaler?

Women have a keen observation when making shoe purchases. And this makes online shoe selling all the more difficult. Hence, the need to source your stock from reliable wholesalers.

Here are some factors that can help approach reliable shoe wholesalers online.

  • Quality of Material: Don’t forget to check the quality of the shoe’s outer material. Check the leather & plastic quality on the outside. Also, look for the thickness of the suede. Make sample purchases for a thorough inspection.

  • Comfortable Shoe Anatomy: Comfortable shoes are what increase sales. So, always pay close attention to the sourced shoe anatomy. Closely check the softness and cushioning of the innersole. Also, check the heel quality and height as per its thickness. Look for a comfortable and complete inner lining. Making sample purchases can help here.

  • Skillful Workmanship: The stitching quality and heel attachment say a lot about shoe quality. So, pay close attention to the shoe stitching in your wholesale shoe stock. Make sure the shoes in your stock have refined stitching. The seams and suedes are appropriately joined. Even check the heel attached to the sole. Thoroughly inspect a shoe sample before making bulk purchases.