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Party Supplies Wholesalers

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Did you know the global party supplies market is rapidly growing?

As reported by IMARC Group, the global party supplies market is projected to reach $13.2 billion by 2028, exhibiting a growth rate of 7.8%.

This growth is no surprise as there are several factors behind it.

Allied Market Research reports the main driving factors of party supplies market growth as follows:

  • Rise in urban population
  • Increased use of event planners
  • Party supplies product innovations


Some other factors are the increase in social media influence and the online availability of party supplies.

The trend of themed celebrations inspired by social media is rising. Manufacturers are producing more specific products to cater to a wider audience.

North America recorded the highest growth in the global party supplies market.

A recent report by Straits Research claims that the region holds the highest share in the global party supplies market and will grow at a rate of 7.80% by 2031.

So, if you’re in the party supplies business, partnering with a competent wholesaler is a great way to ensure high profits.

Choosing a Party Supplies Wholesaler

Party supply wholesalers are a make-or-break element of your business. It is crucial to choose a reliable wholesaler.

In order to make an informed decision, consider the following points:

Variety of Party Supplies

Party supplies have several categories:

  • Balloons
  • Banners
  • Flowers
  • Tableware
  • Pinatas
  • Games
  • Takeaway gifts


And these are just the basic categories; the list goes on.

Based on the niche of your party business, verify that your wholesaler can supply you with the required lot on time.

Product Quality

After variety comes the quality of products.

Customers buy party supplies to keep them for future use as well. This trend is the same for both individuals and party planners.

Also, supplies can get damaged during parties. If you sell high-quality party supplies, this chance is minimal.

Custom Orders

The trend of themed parties is increasing worldwide, especially in the North American region.

This calls for finding party supplies wholesalers that can provide you with order customization.

Customized supplies are also required for occasions like national days, Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, cartoon themes, etc.

Order Fulfillment

Completing order requirements on time is crucial in the party supplies business.

Parties are rarely postponed. Birthday and wedding dates are fixed, and occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc., are celebrated on a set date.

Hence, party supplies have to be delivered on time. Choose a wholesaler that can supply products timely and can also accommodate in case of an emergency.

Now that you’ve come this far, let’s see where to find reputable party supplies wholesalers so you can decide.

Where to Find Party Supplies Wholesalers?

Connecting with wholesalers is easy in today’s technology-driven world. Go to any online marketplace and check out numerous wholesalers.

You can easily communicate with your party supplies wholesaler on online marketplaces.

Ensure that you discuss important points like MOQ, cost per unit, delivery time, wholesale discount, return and exchange policies, etc.