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Car Battery

Renowned Car Battery Wholesalers Across America

A battery plays a major role in a car’s internal and external functioning. For instance, it increases the engine’s functionality which results in smooth driving. Also, it improves AC and other systems’ performance.

As per Statista, the current value of the car market is 504 billion dollars. And the research says, this value would be around 527 billion dollars in 2026. Such high figures confirm the continuous increase in car production, which means more battery requirements.

Hence, there is no doubt in saying that it's one of the lucrative wholesale businesses for the present and future as well.

How to Pick Out The Right Battery Wholesalers?

Choosing the right battery wholesaler is crucial since the right one would be supplying premium products. Now, how you might be confused about the selection. Well, we have solved this by listing a few factors below.

Let's have a look one by one:

  • Know About BCI numbers: You need to closely check if the car batteries in the wholesaler’s stock have BCI numbers. It’s necessary because the BCI number tells the battery’s dimensions and its terminal locations. Hence it becomes easy to decide what battery would suit a particular car.
  • Inquire About CCA: Ask the seller about Cold-cranking Amps of the car batteries in stock. It should be higher than average as batteries with a higher number of amps help regulate car functions even in extreme cold. Never settle for batteries with lower CCAs. No one is likely to have anything less than the best in their cart.
  • Consider the Warranty: Always consider the warranty of batteries prior to purchases. Go for the wholesalers offering long-term warranties as such products tend to be more reliable. An impressive guarantee period usually falls around 4 years.

Why do Known Car Battery Wholesalers Opt SeeBiz?

There are a lot of digital marketplaces for online business but not all live up to the mark. Hence decision-making is very important as it directly affects the success ratio.

SeeBiz providing maximum wholesaling benefits in one place has solved the problem from the core. And these are the ones that persuade car battery wholesale dealers to choose us:

Want to know those attributes in detail? Keep reading!

  • Seamless User Experience: SeeBiz offers the most seamless experience to all the businesses wishing to register here. A single subscription allows access to every feature of the marketplace. No hidden tabs, and no long navigation features. Just a little investment and you are all the way there to start selling.
  • Group Pricing: SeeBiz understands that wholesalers are likely to offer different prices to customers on a loyalty basis. Its group pricing settings greatly help them with the automated assigning of diverse rates to different contact groups. To add more only the relevant group is able to see the allocated price.
  • Interactive Timelines: Maintaining pace with the industry has never been as easy as it's on SeeBiz. The interactive business wall here helps with easy sharing and revising of updates. No vendor has to go out of their way to inform their contacts about new product announcements, discounts/promotions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Who is the target market for car battery wholesalers?

Ans: Automobile manufacturers and auto spare parts dealers are the major purchasers of bulk car batteries.

Q2: What type of car batteries are the best?

Ans: AGM or Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are the best among all. These possess fiberglass separators that absorb electrolytes inside batteries hence increasing functionality. For instance, AGM batteries charge five times faster and last three times longer than other batteries.