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Since ancient times, humans have used herbal supplements for medicinal purposes.

As supplements derived from natural plants, herbs have tremendous healing properties. They help alleviate stress. Some are even used in the treatment of serious ailments.

Herbal supplements in the following different forms are available in the market:

  • Liquid extracts
  • Teas
  • Bath salts
  • Tablets & capsules
  • Oils
  • Ointments

The advancements in scientific medicine have resulted in wonders. Yet, about 80% of people are still inclined towards the use of herbal products in their primary healthcare.

A complete range of wholesale herb supplements is also available online.

How to Choose a Herb Wholesaler?

Quality concerns remain high when making wholesale purchases of herbal products. Particularly, in online purchases, there’s a big question on the reliability of supplying wholesalers.

The following are some points that can help you approach authentic wholesalers online:

  • Check for Adversities: Make sure your sourced wholesale herbal stock is safe to use. Even natural products can render allergies and side effects. Make minor purchases first. Run several tests to check for allergic reactions or possible side effects.

  • Look for Contamination: Closely inspect your sourced herbal product stock for any contaminations. The presence of any can result in harmful reactions. Purchase samples to run quality tests. Make immediate returns in case any contaminants are found.

  • Properly Labeled Products: As natural products, herbal supplements are not FDA-approved. So, make sure that your sourced wholesale herbal stock has complete labeling. All the ingredients with their quantities are mentioned. The manufacturing and best-before dates are there. Thoroughly read the product descriptions prior to making bulk purchases.

Do you need a license to sell herbs?

Herbal supplements have medicinal properties. So, a proper product marketing license is required for their selling.

Do herbal supplements have to be FDA approved?

Yes, the ingredients in the herbal supplements and their properties must comply with FDA regulations otherwise there might be complications later on.

Can I get a herbal supplement sample?

You’ll have to contact the herb wholesalers directly to get a sample. Some wholesalers might provide while others won't.