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Rhinestone Wholesalers

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Rhinestones adorn clothes, jewelry, apparel, shoes, and bags. They are shiny and attractive and add sparkle to rhinestone accessories. Rhinestones are an affordable way for designers to make creative designs.

The different types of rhinestones on the basis of material are:

  • Glass rhinestones
  • Crystal rhinestones
  • Plastic rhinestones
  • Acrylic rhinestones
  • Resin rhinestones

Being a businessman in rhinestone you must have several designers on your customer list. Therefore, access to high-quality rhinestones is necessary but finding quality rhinestones online is difficult.

You can source wholesale rhinestones as well as rhinestone accessories like:

  • Rhinestone tiara
  • Jewelry
  • Readers
  • Bags
  • Belts

If you’re looking for opportunities to expand your business it is the best time to join an online wholesale platform. So that you can increase your potential reach by getting quality products.

How to Choose Rhinestone Wholesalers?

There Are several factors that you should consider while choosing a wholesaler, but some of the factors are given below:

Check the quality of rhinestones: You should analyze the quality of rhinestones by observing the following elements:

  • Shine: The degree of reflection indicates the quality of the rhinestones; the higher the reflection higher the brightness of the rhinestones.

  • Cutting: The cutting of the facets should be uniform as the symmetrical flat surfaces reflect the light evenly.

  • Clarity: The worth of rhinestones depends on their clarity therefore, look for the bubbles and cloudiness if there are any. So rhinestones should be clear without any imperfections.

  • Color: The different colors of rhinestones have different prices. Whichever color you’re going to choose you should check the quality and consistency of the colors.

  • Burr: Observe the edges of the rhinestones and look for the burrs that can scratch the skin. The smooth rhinestones are considered good.

Communication: You need to make sure that a wholesaler offers strong communication so that you can reach customer care easily to resolve queries.

Product range: Go for a rhinestone wholesaler who is offering you something extra that you’re not having already. A vast product range can attract a great customer base.